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The birds of Australia in eight volumes, John Gould, Lansdowne press, Melbourne, 1972-5, elephant folio, bound in morocco style faux leather, gilt titling and borders, facsimile edition with 681 coloured plates

Four Lansdowne model cars, including a '1948 Ford Pilot' and a '1968 Triumph Vitesse'. Made in England

Ten diecast models of various Makes, including Mini Marque; Lansdowne; the Brooklin collection; Illustra models; and Trax (E-M boxes G-M) (10)

Ten Lansdowne model cars, including '1956 Austin'. (10)

Ten various model cars, including Lansdowne, Mercury and Lone Star (10)

Eleven Lansdowne models (England), including Ford V6 Pilot; Humber sceptre Mk II; Vauxhall Cresta; Ford Zephyr six; Ford Squire; Ford Consul Mk II; Caravan set; Austin Somerset; Austin A110 Westminster; Ldm Rover; and Vauxhall Cresta 'E' series (E-M boxes

Nine Lansdowne models (England), including Vauxhall VX; Jensen 'Dual Cowl'; Atlantic Convertible; saloon maroon; Triumph Renown; Morris ten-four; Hillman Avenger; and two part 'Auxiliary Fire Service' (E-M boxes G-E) (9)

Nine Lansdowne models (England), including Austin Atlantic; Morris minor; Bedford Dormobile; Singer SM Roadster; 2 x Triumph 2000; Wolseley Series III; Bedford Canopy Pick Up; and Railton Fairmile (E-M boxes G-E) (9)