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The Jumeau firm was founded in the 1840s, and initially made papier mache dolls. From about 1860 they also made glazed porcelain dolls and later unglazed bisque headed dolls with composition bodies, for which the company is best known. The papier mache and porcelain dolls were unmarked, making it difficult to associate them with Jumeau. The two types of dolls associated with Jumeau, poupees (fashion ladies) and bebes (child dolls). Poupees were the most popular type of doll manufactured from the late 1850s through to the 1870s. They had adult bodies, and were dressed in realistic clothing, including shoes, hats and accessories, that mirrored the fashions of the time. In the late 1870s Jumeau commenced manufacturing the bebe (child) dolls, which had bisque heads, paperweight glass eyes, exaggerated eyebrows. Most had closed mouths until the 1890s. In the 1890s competition from cheaper German imports threatened the French doll producers and in order to save their businesses, Jumeau and some of the other French manufacturers merged to form SFBJ (the Société Française de Fabrication de Bébés et Jouets.)
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SFBJ Jumeau type bisque doll, blue sleeping eyes, pierced ears, light brown real hair wig on jointed composition body 50 cm marked DEPOSE S.F.B.J. 8

French 16 inch bisque head doll (possibly Jumeau) with blue sleeping glass eyes and four teeth, no hair, jointed composition body and limbs wearing dress & bonnet

'Tete Jumeau' doll, porcelain head with composition body, 16 inches

Jumeau Bebe doll, open Mouth, red stamp to back of head 'Tete Jumeau', blue/grey paperweight eyes, pierced ears, one blue earring (one missing), blonde Mohair wig over corkpate, Jointed wood and composition body, stamped 'Bebe Jumeau', in original clothes

Jumeau brown bisque doll, hazel stationary eyes, pierced ears, short black wool wig, cork pate on French jointed brown painted composition body 57 cm. Marked 1907 wearing period under garments of combinations, petticoat and shoes

A doll, large faced Jumeau, fine reproduction head in antique French body, fully jointed, redressed in fine lace and silk