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Under the New Zealand Protected Objects Act 1975, administered by the New Zealand Ministry for Culture & Heritage, the sale, trade, export and ownership of some Maori artefact are regulated Objects over 50 years old that also have Maori cultural significance must be inspected by Ministry for Culture & Heritage, and if significant the object will be allocated a "Y" number, a unique identification number. Artefacts that have a Y number can only be purchased by those that are registered collectors with the Ministry for Culture and Heritage. These collectors have a ‘registered number’. Y numbered artefacts cannot leave the country without written permission from the Ministry for Culture & Heritage. Those who are not registered collectors, and usually reside in New Zealand, can apply to the Ministry for Culture and Heritage to become one. There are no restrictions on the purchase of Maori items that have no Y number or Pacific Island or other artefacts from around the world. As this site is a price guide, and does not offer items for sale, the Y numbers applicable to any items on this site are not displayed..
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These items are not for sale and the descriptions, images and prices are for reference purposes only.

An old Maori greenstone gouge/chisel, tapered cylindrical form, the mildly concave blade with rounded end. Length approx. 100. Provenance: inchFound Sand Dune Kawhia 1920’s inch.

An early/mid-20th century Maori carved carver's mallet, the back entirely carved with a stylised Maori figure, some dark stained original finish remaining. Length 30.5 cm

A 9ct gold necklace; polo mallet design links interspersed with 4mm round cultured pearls. Length 505mm. Wt. 14.8g

Seven brown leather volumes with gilt tooling to include the Churchman's Companion, French Revolution, Russell's modern Europe & Memoirs of Langdale & mallet du pan. London (7)

A late 19th century rare wooden judge's gavel. Carved by unknown Maori. Paua shell inset eyes on tiki face. Length 29 cm

Four various early Pestles etc. Three pestles with ceramic heads; boxwood mallet; and pulveriser. Length 42 cm. (longest)

A late 18th century wooden carver's mallet, with carved wooden face with moko and wear marks to back (from use as a mallet). Also marked '4723.' length 29 cm

A 19th century small greenstone adze (toki), of light green colour. Fine chisel work with grooves for lashing to a wooden haft handle. Length 9.5 cm. Width 3.8 cm

A large Indonesian gong with gilt highlights on timber bracket, complete with mallet 48 cm diam

Ta - large mallet heavy, ovoid striking head and cylindrical handle. Early, weathered patina. Length 65 cm. Width 20 cm

Ta mallet wooden with ovoid striking head and cylindrical handle. Early, weathered patina. Length 41 cm. Width 13.5 cm

Pair of whao - chisels fine examples of a whao pounamu (nephrite chisels) fashioned from high-quality pounamu. One has a worn/broken suspension hole. Length 7.5 cm. Width 1.5 cm; length 6 cm. Width 1.6 cm

Late 18th century Maori greenstone kuru (pendant/chisel) dark green colour with hourglass hole. Length 11 cm.

Four bone Maori tattooing chisels various lengths between 3.5 and 6 cm.

A Georgian cut glass mallet shape decanter, circa 1810. 25 cm high

A pre-European Maori nephrite chisel of long form with one straight edge with scarf cut beside, the other edge with mild curve, narrow tapered blade end, the other with broken out suspension hole. Length 12.5 cm

A Maori greenstone pre-European pendant (kuru/chisel), mildly tapered ovoid form tapering to a curved fine bladed edge, an hour glass suspension hole to the other end. Length 7 cm

A Maori wooden carved fern root pounder (patu aruhe), the one piece plain mallet form body of mildly tapered cylindrical form with plain tapered grip, original old patina. Length 25.5 cm

Patu paraoa-whalebone carver's mallet, a fine and rare master carver's mallet made of a whale jawbone. Beautifully balanced with concave strike surface. Soft shoulder lines narrow and terminate into masterfully carved and finely detailed manaia head. Highl

Two contact period Maori greenstone chisels. One has a worn/broken suspension hole. Length 7.5 cm, 6 cm

Early Patu Paraoa - master carver's mallet, extremly fine and rare master carver;s mallet made of whale jawbone. Beautifully balanced with stiked concave surface, the soft shoulder lines are narrow and terminate into a masterfully carved, finely detailed a

Two Maori carving tools, each with whao pounamu (nephrite chisel) blades L.18 cm and 12.5 cm

Three Maori greenstone and basalt adze blades, together with two Maori greenstone chisels, 19th/20th century

Toki Pounamu and Hei, small chisel and large pendant. Length 9.7 cm. Width 2.2 cm and length 3 cm. Width 9 cm

Chinese blue & white mallet form vase. Approx 21 cm high

Muka mallet - flax mallet, square section body, circular sectioned handle. Length 3.5 cm. Width 6 cm.

Muka mallet - flax mallet, strong conical form with curvature down entire body. Handle offering worn patina. Circular cross section. Length 32 cm. Width 6.4 cm.

Muka mallet, flax mallet, narrow ovoid form with damaged head. Length 33 cm. Width 5.4 cm.

Thirteen assorted toki and stone, bone tool fragments, including bird spear head, sinkers, adornments, adze and chisels. Fashioned from various material, max length 11.2 cm. Width 8 cm.

Three tattooing chisels, museum registered. Uhi puru or uhi matarau used to insert pigment and made from fine albatross bone, max length 5.3 cm. Width 1.2 cm.

Wooden Maori 'Gavel' with carved figures on handle, paua shell insets to all carvings. (See photo). Length 28 cm

Maori basalt stone chisel, together with several obsidian flakes.recovered dune/beach, Gisborne area