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1887-89 old Judge Cigarettes 'Celebrities - Jack R.Burke, Pugilist'. Good condition. Extremely rare.

1888 Goodwin & Co. (old Judge & Gypsy Queen Cigarettes - USA) 'Champions', part set [9/50], plus 1889 'Games and Sports Series' [1/50] - base ball Catcher. Poor/G.

1887-89 old Judge Cigarettes 'Celebrities - George Mckenzie, Ballarat Football Club'. Good condition. Extremely rare.

1887-89 Old Judge Cigarettes 'Celebrities - Tommy Leyden, Captain Carlton Football Team'. G/VG condition.

c1890 Goodwin & Co. (Old Judge Cigarettes) 'Celebrities - Harry Trott, Cricketer'. Fair/G condition Extremely rare

c1887-90 Goodwin & Co. (Old Judge Cigarettes) 'Celebrities & Actresses' (67) including 'T.Busst, Cyclist' (winner of 1890 Austral Wheel Race at the MCG) & 'Atkinson, Sprint Runner'; also Old Judge & Dog's Head 'Actresses' (1). Poor/VG condition. Rare - thi

1888 Goodwin & Co. (Old Judge & Gypsy Queen Cigarettes - USA) 'Champions', complete set [40], cut from printed Sports Card album (exchanged for coupons), includes baseball (8), boxing (5) & Buffalo Bill among others. Poor/G. Scarce set, catalogued by Murra

1887-89 Old Judge Cigarettes 'Celebrities - Norman Richards, Adelaide Football Club'. G/VG condition. Extremely rare