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Royal Doulton hand painted and gilt six person tea service in presentation box

Royal Doulton dinner ware Hampshire pattern, with twelve plate setting

Charles Noke for Royal Doulton, Sung' flambe service, c. 1930, comprising three comports and six plates, each painted with an exotic bird on a red and orange flambe ground, with silver plated rims, signed 'Sung, Noke', with printed mark 'Ro

Three piece Royal Doulton Pansy tea service. D4049. Teapot; sugarbowl; and cream jug. Some crazing. Height 12 cm, (teapot)

Royal Doulton 'Royal Windsor' dinner setting for six persons comprising six main plates, six bread plates, six soup coupes, & six cup, saucer, plate sets. Condition: excellent to good, almost as new

Royal Doulton 'Lorraine' dinner service for six, comprising of coffeepot, 6 dinner plates, 6 side plate, 6 trios, 6 bowls and 2 small bowls

A forty four part Royal Doulton dinner service, 1935 - 1965, period of production, Raby rose pattern D5533, a setting for six including: dinner, entree plates, soup bowls, coffee cans and saucers, a large milk jug and sugar bowl, a small milk jug and sugar

Doulton Burslem, A 'Rose and Waratah' transfer pattern part dinner set, 19th century, comprising three oval paltters, two lidded tureens and two spare lids, Stamped Doulton Burslem England, Anthony Hordon & Sons, Haymarket Sydney

A Royal Doulton Sung flambe 'Middle Eastern' scene dessert service, circa 1920, By Charles Noke and Arthur Eaton, comprising four comports and eight plates, stamped Royal Doulton, England, Sung, flambe, Noke, the tallest comport 13.5cm high, 22.5cm diamete

A one hundred and Forty two piece Royal Doulton dinner service, 1984-1998, production period, in 'Heather' pattern H 5089, Albion shape, a near complete setting for twenty four places in cream with gold trims, comprising twenty three cups and twent

Royal Doulton 'English Rose' part dinner service, comprising of 4 mains, 3 entrees, 4 bowls, 2 sweet bowls, 2 soup bowls and 4 saucers, 4 teacups and 6 saucers

A forty piece Royal Doulton dinner service, 1976-1997 production period, in ‘Gold Concord' pattern H 5049, a setting for six people, comprising dinner, entree and side plates, soup coupes, cups and associated saucers, plus four extra saucers, one

A Royal Doulton 'Belmont' dinner set, comprising twelve dinner plates, twelve entree plates, twelve bowls

Royal Doulton 'Sovereign' dinner setting comprising twelve main plates, twelve bread plates, twelve side plates, eleven dessert bowls, eleven saucers, six teacups, an oval dish. Condition fair, one side plate crazed, paint wear to the saucers, two

Royal Doulton 'Royal gold' dinner service for twelve persons comprising twelve mains plates, twelve entree plates, twelve side plates, twelve coffee cups, plate, saucer sets, two graduated oval dishes, & a lidded vegetable tureen. Condition goo

A Royal Doulton dinner service with place settings for eight, pattern name 'New Romance'.

An extensive Royal Doulton 'Sonnet' dinner set for eight (64), eight each dinner, entree, side plates, cups and saucers, cereal and dessert bowls, a gravy boat and stand, creamer, two serving platters, two lidded tureens and one vegetable dish.

Royal Doulton 'Old Colony' dinner & tea setting comprising twelve main plates, twelve entree plates, twelve side plates, twelve cup saucer plate sets with an extra plate, twelve coffee cups & saucers with two larger coffee cups & saucer

Royal Doulton 'Minuet' dinner setting & tea for ten persons comprising ten main plates, ten side plates, ten dessert bowls, ten cups saucers plate sets & an oval platter. Condition, good to fair, small chip to one teacup

An Eighty nine piece Royal Doulton 'Arcadia' service. Production period 1938-1959, pattern H 4802. Aservice for eight, comprising: plates of four sizes, soup bowls, sweet bowls, soup coupes, nine cups, seventeen saucers, teapot, coffee pot, milk ju

Part Royal Doulton 'Albany' dinner set comprising of 7 dinner plates, 4 entree plates, 8 bowls, 7 cups, 8 saucers, 8 side plates

Large part Royal Doulton dinner set, pattern: Platinum Concord, comprising of 12 dinner and entree plates, 12 soup and dessert bowls, 11 side plates, 12 coffee cups and saucers, 5 tea cups and saucers, coffee pot, 2 sugar and creamers, a cake plate, lidded

Part Royal Doulton 'Glamis Thistle'dinner/tea set comprising of 6 dinner plates, 5 entree plates 10 cups, 14 saucers, 12 side plates,a cake plate, sugar and creamer, each piece signed P Curnock

A fifty eight piece Royal Doulton dinner service. 1968 to 2008 production period, 'Royal gold' pattern H 4980, in soft white with an anthemion patterned gold border, a setting for eight comprising dinner, entree, side plates, soup or dessert bowls,

Royal Doulton flambe coffee service. Royal Doulton flambe coffee service in original silk line fitted box. Condition fair to poor, cracks to two cups, some wear. Dimensions of box 43 x 26 x 14 cm

A Sixty one piece Royal Doulton dinner service 'Rondelay' pattern H 5004 a setting for eight in white with a floral green band, comprising soup bowls, dinner, entree and side plates, cups and associated saucers, sweet or cereal bowls, a lidded tureen, crea

Royal Doulton 'English Rose' dinner wares comprising of 6 main, 6 entree, 6 bread/butter plates, 2 bowls, 1 cream jug, 1 platter, 1 tureen, 1 sandwich tray and 6 trios

Rare Royal Doulton 'Souter' side plate white, scene 3, Civil service stores Sydney, 1901-06

A one hundred and fourteen piece Royal Doulton dinner service for twelve, in 'Royal gold', pattern H4980, production period 1965-2008, comprising: dinner, entree, bread and butter, soup plates, fruit saucers, coffee cups and saucers, tea cups and saucers f

Royal Doulton, Historic England, dessert service showing canterbury Cathedral and Chelsea Hospital, circa 1939 (7)

A Royal Doulton porcelain dessert service mid 20th century, signed P. Curnock each hand painted with birds including pheasant, mallard and plover, green factory mark to base, the pheasant dish 22 cm diameter

A Royal Doulton 'Princeton' dinner service, including; bread plates, entree plates, dinner plates, tea cups and saucers, creamer jug and a gravy boat 51 pieces total

Royal Doulton 'Castle Ware' part tea, coffee service with water jug, chocolate pot and sandwich set

A Royal Doulton Rochelle pattern dinner service for twelve including; 11 dinner plates, 12 fish plates, 11 soup bowls, 12 side plates, 11 tea cups, 7 saucers, one large serving platter, one medium serving platter, one medium serving bowl, marked 'Rochelle

Royal Doulton, part tea service comprising twelve tea cups, twelve saucers, twelve dessert plates, one milk jug and a bowl (38)

A Royal Doulton Royal Gold dinner service late 20th century setting for eight plus extras includes lidded tureens, platters, tea and coffee cups some chips and cracks noted approximately one hundred and seventeen pieces