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A Royal Worcester fish group, Spanish Hog fish and Sergeant Major, modelled by Ronald van Ruyckevelt. Numbered edition: 319. Height 29.5 cm (with stand)

A Royal Worcester floral study by R. Van Ruyckevelt entitled St. Denis, numbered 370

Two Royal Worcester figures of fish, modelled by Ronald van Ruyckevelt, titled 'Yellow Grunt' and 'Sergeant Major' and a Toby jug, 1929, (3) 15 and 11 cm high; 9 cm high

A decorative Royal Worcester marine sculpture 'Spanish Hogfish' and 'Sergeant Major' designed and modelled by R. Van Ruyckevelt painted in polychrome and on fitted wood stand. Height overall 30 cm

A small Royal Worcester marine sculpture 'Spade Fish', designed and modelled by R. Van Ruyckevelt. Height 13 cm