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Frozen Charlotte and Frozen Charlie are 19th century china or bisque dolls, popular in the United States, made in the form of a naked standing figure moulded in one piece, and thus the arms and legs are not movable. The name is derived from a poem published in 1840 in new York about a young girl who was going to a ball in a sleigh and out of vanity and against her mother's advice refused to wear a coat and scarf over her ball gown, with the result that by the time she arrived at the ball, she had frozen to death. The poem was later made into a popular American folk ballad.
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A bisque porcelain Frozen Charlotte Oriental doll, jointed arms, condition: restoration & repair to neck, height 11.5 cm

China Frozen Charlotte 8 inch doll with pink face, hands out (head repaired)

China Frozen Charlotte 7 inch doll with white face, painted hair, hand against body

Two China Frozen Charlotte 4 inch dolls with painted faces, hands against body

China Frozen Charlotte 4 1/4 inch doll with pink face, hands out wearing beaded dress

China Frozen Charlotte 5 inch doll with pink face, hands out, wearing cotton dress