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A Rip Curl Surf watch, inner tide height, tide range and moon phase dials and date window, rubber strap, waterproof to 200m.

Surfing memorabilia: Divas of Surfing 2010 Surf world gold Coast, Australia: the History of Surfing signed by Kathy Kohner (original Gidget), Layne Beachley;Phyillis O'Donnell;Stephanie Gilmore height 115.5 cm

Surf Shooter / Surfa Plane made in 1954 Inflated for use, popular forerunner to the boogie boards 111 x 89 cm (frame)

Surfing memorabilia: Quiksilver 1998 Surf Festival Biarritz signed T-shirt with various surfing signatures 99 x 129 cm (frame)

Surfing memorabilia: Mark Richards world Champions T-shirt i) signed by 15 champions - purchased as a fund raiser for the Tsunami victims 2005 signatures include (we believe): Kelly Slater, mark Richards, Martin Potter, Mick Fanning, Rabit Bartholomew, Mic

NSW Surfing memorabilia (6pcs) i) Phyllis O'Donnell 1st world Surfing Champion Manly beach 1964 48 x 73.5 cm ii) Bondi 1937/8 left: Jack 'Bluey' Mase right: ray Hookham 39.9 x 27 cm iii) 1930's Bondi beach 28.5 x 40 cm iv) 1950's NSW 28

Western Australia Surfing memorabilia (13pcs) i) Yallingup beach 1960 37.5 x 28.5 cm ii) Richard Harvey (Winner of Aust title, Yallingup) pastel signed lower right 25 x 17 cm iii) body Surfer at Gracetown 19 x 24.5 cm iv) Tom Hoy Surfer/Shaper 24 x 11.5 cm

Western Australia Surfing memorabilia (6pcs) i) body Boarder 1930's 27.5 x 40 cm ii) long rest: two Surfers enjoying the sun at Bunbury's back beach... 23 x 32 cm iii) Michael Greabner north point 1969 28 x 19 cm iv) Cottesloe Surf Skiers at beach

Western Australia Surfing memorabilia (6pcs) i) Chris Fullston at left Handers 29.5 x 40 cm ii) Terry James at Scarborough 1966 29.5 x 44.5 cm iii) Terry James Cottesloe Main beach 1964 29.5 x 44.5 cm iv) Ian Cairns Isolated Cottesloe 29.5 x 44.5 cm v) Gar

Western Australia Surfing memorabilia (7pcs) i) 1960 / 61 Yallingup beach Rd from beach 39 x 49.5 cm ii) red Abbott and Don Bancroft coming up the track from the water (Yallingup beach) 36 x 49.5 cm iii) Steven Mailey with pig board in old flying suit chec

Western Australia Surfing memorabilia (7pcs) i) Chris Fullston Dodging a drop in's Droppings south point 29.9 x 39.5 cm ii) Australian Titles 1975 Richard Cram 29.5 x 40 cm iii) Al Fixter at car Park 29 x 40 cm iv) Terry Jacks at Boranup 1976 29.5 x 44.5 c

Western Australia Surfing memorabilia (6pcs) i) John Jakovich, Art Sherburn and Ian Cairns at Isolated 25 x 35.5 cm ii) Yallingup 25 x 35.5 cm iii) Tony Hardy at the spot Yanchep 25.5 x 35 cm iv) Ian Cairns 1975 Australian Titles 29.5 x 39.5 cm v) body Boa

Victoria Surfing memorabilia (9pcs) i) Reef Seascape Bells beach 28th March 1966 33 x 50 cm ii) Junior Finalists Australian Titles Bells beach 25th March 1967 Butch Cooney, Wayne Lynch, Kevin Parkinson 50 x 34 cm iii) Barrie Sutherland Apollo Bay October 1

Four framed Surfing advertising Ephemera - autographed memorabilia i) Sacred craft: Tribute to the Masters shape-off Honouring Dick Brewer - signed supper right 27.5 x 42 cm ii) a Fluid Dawn, straight arrow, Hobie 40 x 27.5 cm iii) McTavish and the Soft V

Two framed Surfing posters i) Vans triple Crown of Surfing, north Shore, Hawaii 2010 60 x 90 cm (image) ii) O'Neill world cup of Surfing, Sunset beach, HI 2010 60 x 43 cm (image)

Jack Eden b.1931 (NSW) six limited edition signed prints i) John Coleman 1962, Settin it up, the 60's Longboard Days LE: 753/1000;27 x 39 cm (image) ii) the Crew 1961, the Search, the 60's Longboard Days LE: 753/1000;27 x 39 cm (image) iii) Bobby b

Surfing memorabilia: Big Wednesday i) the cast and Surfing Stuntman of the movie 'Big Wednesday' 1978 framed print 47 x 69 cm (image) ii) the cast and Surfing Stuntman of the movie 'Big Wednesday' 1978 framed print on canvas 48 x 71.5 cm ii

Surfing memorabilia i) framed beach Boys record 20 golden Greats 62 x 84 cm (frame) ii) movie poster five Summer Stories 52 x 31 cm (image) ii) Bob McTavish: presentation autographed print Bells beach Mar 23 1967, Australian title signed lower right with d

Surfer skateboard 1960's plywood deck with metal wheels made in the USA. Length 19 inches

Surfer skateboard 1960's timber deck with metal wheels length 21 inches

Hobie Surf & Flex 70s skateboard fibreglass deck with original track force trucks, black wide wheels. Length 26 inches

Bennett Pro for Hap Jacobs Surf (skate) board 1970's. Plywood Deck with road rider wheels. Length 25 inches

Bodyboard - Bellbogger, circa 1978/9 plastic bellyboard by surf Entreprener Dick Ash. Twin fin board has a concave bottom and a spooned out deck. 4'2 inches x 19 inches

Bodyboard - Tom Wegener Paipo board made from Palonia wood. This recreation of a historic surfing instrument is a part of Tom's rejuvenation of the old types of surfing. Finless, the wood is totally water resistant and needs only a slight oiling before

Bill Wallace memorabilia (5pcs) i) bill Wallace print 39 x 27 cm ii) William Wallace cover boy 17.5 x 25.5 cm iii) the Winner of the bill Wallace board 17 x 24.5 cm iv) bill Wallace, in the world of surfing bill Wallace is a Living Legend 29 x 18 cm v) bil

Surf King paddle board - red built in 1948 made in Hoquiam Washington state 12' x 22 inches

Hollow wooden surf ski made by Wards Boat Builders in Cottesloe for Barry Jarrott, paddled in competition for Cottesloe SLSC. 18'5 inches overall

Sportscraft Hollow wood Surf Ski, circa 1950 19' x 22 inches

Sportscraft Hollow wood Surf Ski - chrome handles, circa 1950's 15'7 inches x 2'8 inches

Surf Line shaped by Ben Aipa 5 feet 6 inches x 19 inches circa 1979 Swallow tail with multiple flyers. Excellent condition. Attractive red duco.

Surf Line Hawaii Mini Gun Shaped by ex-Hawaiian Duke champion (1972 and 1976) James Jones in 1975 for Randy Rarrick's label 'Surf Line' Hawaii. Length 7 feet 6 inches x 18.5 inches, a mini gun.

Southernman Surfboards 6 feet x 20 inches. Shaped for the Corner Surf Shop in Geraldton by Greg Antcliff, who was an ex-Newcastle boy and represented New South Wales. Named the Kalbarri Model, this was No.2 board that he shaped in 1976/77 while working at

Natural Joy Bamboo Twin Fin Crafted by the elusive Addy J, c.2009 from bamboo etc that he has growing on his property in the Tweed hinterland. This 6 feet x 21 inches twin fin was custom built for legendary Billabong and Reef 'free surfer' Brendan 'Margo'

McCoy Lazor Zap Only 5 feet 6 inches X 19.5 inches. An iconic shape by Geoff McCoy from 1982/3 Made famous by the outrageous surfing of Cheyne Horan. The fact that they got together with the late Ben Lexan on the winged keel style 'star fin' makes these li

Lightning Bolt Gun by Rory Russell 8 feet 4 inches long x 20 inches wide. This attractive swallow tail, single stringer has yellow top with red rails and bottom with lightning bolts in contrasting colours, both top and bottom. Singed by Rory Russell, this

Hot Stuff Allan Bryne Design A 5 feet 10 inches x 20 inches flyer rounded pin design by master shaper Al Bryne. Was a custom for Currumbin surfer Ray Sawtell, and dates from around 1978. It's a lightweight model from the Hot Stuff factory, where the Rabbit

Hollow Wooden Toothpick by Barry Jarrott and Stan Smith 16 feet 5 inches long overall. Made by Barry and Stan in 1960. Paddled in competition by Barry (Young Duke) Jarrott for Cottesloe Surf Club. Wooden Dowls to save weight. Excellent condition.

Gordon & Smith Bondi Underground Pintail single fin. 6 feet 10 inches x 20 inches. 1974 Brad Mayes was the Bondi Underground in his radical approach to surfing and life in general. Yellow/red deck with pin stripes. All red bottom. Great design and logo. Sh

Dick Brewer Gun Three stringer, single fin pintail. 9 feet 10 inches x 20 inches. Attractive plum red in colour with black fin. Made by Dick in 2010 during his visit to Noosa for the surf festival. A prime example by the master shaper.

Cooper Single fin Swallow tail shaped by Richie West This is a great example of a mid 70s Cooper single fin shaped by American surfer Richie West, and it's a fine rider. Has West's interpretation of the concave bottom that was so successful in California's