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Chambersticks consist of a central socket for the candle, mounted on a circular or rectangular tray, and were intended for use in rooms that were usually unoccupied such as the bedroom, or for moving between rooms. The earlier chamber sticks had a slot in the candle socket for ejecting the spent candle, and a bracket or support for holding a cone shaped candle extinguisher. For carrying, the earlier chamber sticks of the 18th century had or a long saucepan style handle. In the 19th century they usually had a ring or half-ring handle, which sometimes included a support for the snuffer.

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James Dixon and Sons Britannia metal thistle shaped chamber stick

Antique French sterling silver chamber stick, made by Maison Cardeilhac marked makers mark and Minerva, approx 14 cm dia, 230g

Georgian sterling silver chamber stick, with removable sconce and snuffer, all hallmarked London 1894, Maker William Sumner, 354grams approx

A Georgian sterling silver chamberstick and candle Snuffer London 1757 & 1808, makers marks illegible. Height 9.5 cm. Diametet 14.5 cm. Total. Weight 370gms

English hallmarked sterling silver Victorian chamberstick having a square form drip tray, a cast plain scroll handle, an associated removable dunce-cap extinguisher, original removable nozzle, with cast scroll & shell form borders. London, 1842, maker

English hallmarked sterling silver George III chamberstick having a round drip tray, a cast plain scroll handle, an original removable dunce-cap extinguisher, an original removable nozzle, with beaded edged borders. London, 1792, maker John Edwards III. Co

An Edwardian silver chamberstick, rectangular form with restrained gadrooning to rim, with matching extinguisher. London 1906 by Thomas Bradbury & Sons Ltd. 352gms.

A William IV silver chamber-stick with a leaf shaped base, floral embossing and detachable snuffer; Charles Thomas Fox, London 1833. Height 6 cm.

A George III silver chamberstick, the nozzle, dished tray base and conical snuffer all with fine ridged rims, S-scroll handle supporting the detachable snuffer, matching crests. London 1792 by Henry Chawner. Diameter of tray 13.3 cm. 239gms.

Pair of antique Sheffield plate chamber sticks complete with snuffers

Austro-Hungarian silver pair of chamber sticks with applied thumb holders. Condition good, tarnishing to one. Height 10 cm weight 342g

A George III silver chamber candlestick, plain, with ribbed loop handle and conical snuffer (unmarked); Aldridge & green, London 1771. Height 8 cm. Weight approx 150g

Antique French porcelain and ormolu chamber stick, approx 7 cm high, 17.5 cm wide

A Sheffield silverplate chamberstick by Henry Wilkinson (1825-1845)

A pair of Sheffield silverplate chambersticks with extinguishers (1800-1820)

A pair of silver plated chamber sticks in the form of Scottish thistles

A late-Victorian silver and tortoiseshell chamberstick with fluted sconce, cast foliate scroll support and heart-shape tortoiseshell dish; William Comyns, London c.1900

A sterling silver chamber candlestick maker's mark indistinct London 1756 with central armorial 259gms 13 cm diameter

Sterling silver small taper chamber stick, Birmingham 1900

Antique Sheffield plate 6 inch circular chamberstick with gadrooned border.

An Old Sheffield plate chamberstick with gadrooned border (1825-1845). Height 11 cm

An old sheffield plate chamberstick with plain border (1825-1848). Height 10 cm

English hallmarked sterling silver George III chamberstick with beaded edging, missing snuffer. London, 1775. Height 6 cm weight 218g

Old Sheffield plate chamberstick with ejector (1830 -1845)

Selection of antique and later chamber candle sticks, various designs and age (7)

A pair of gilt-metal oak leaf chamber candlesticks, with snuffers. Width 12 cm

Pair of Sheffield plate chambersticks & Victorian snuffers

Sterling silver small chamberstick in naturalistic form, makers Charles Riley & George Storer

An early Victorian silver miniature chamber candlestick, leaf form, with snuffer; Joseph Willmore, Birmingham 1844.

An early 20th century Christofle silver plate chamber stick

Miniature antique Sheffield plate chamberstick extinguisher 1825-45

Antique Sheffield plate chamberstick with ejector, extinguisher and snuff 1795-1815