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A device for extinguishing a candle, usually made of silver or silver plate, and sometimes ceramic. There are two types, the first in the shape of a cone that is placed over the the top of candle and smothers the flame, also known as an extinguisher. The cone shaped snuffer may be part of a candlestick or have its own stand. The second type is similar to a pair of scissors with a small box on one of the blades into which the wick falls when it is cut. Prior to the invention of snuffless candles in the 1820s, this type of snuffer was used to trim the wick of the tallow candles (also called "snuffing") that were in use at that time, so that they did not become too long. With the snuffles candle, the newly developed plaited wick bent into the flame as it burnt, and was fully consumed. This type sometimes comes with an accompanying stand or tray. However the two components may have been separated, and a new name found for the snuffer tray, such as a pen tray.
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A George II style silver plate Snuffer tray and pair of snuffers, of waisted shaped form and two rests and fluted capped handle, with matched snuffers, neither hallmarked, total weight 556 grams, 19.5 cm width, (2)

A 19th century silver-plate Thomas hardwood candle snuffer and tray, with a another tray (3)

Miniature silver plated chamberstick, with snuffer attached

A silver plated and Ivorine candle Snuffer, having a moulded ivorine handle with a turban finial to a twisted stem and terminating in an engraved conical snuffer. Length 36 cm

A Victorian mustard spoon with another Georgian spoon and a pair of silver plated candle snuffers

A pair of Victorian silver plated grape Shears and a Candlewick Trimmer and Snuffer, 19th century, the silk and velvet boxed grape shears having embossed foliate designs to the handles and scrolled terminals; and the footed candlewick trimmer/snuffer with

Gadrooned and chased silver plated snuffer tray by J. Dixon & Co. (1835-50)

A pair of telescopic silver plated candlesticks, English circa 1820 22 cm high extended, 26 cm high together with an Old Sheffield plate, wax jack on oval base with reeded borders and conical snuffer, circa 1790 12 cm tall, repaired. Provenance: Phillips,

A good 20th century silver plate gallery tray by Silcraft Melbourne together with a pair of candle sticks and snuffers, jam pot and milk jug (5)

Early 19th century Old Sheffield plate candle snuffer and tray by J. Gilbert

A Victorian Sheffield Plate Candle Snuffer and Tray, the tray 25. 5 cm wide

Silver plated candle scissor snuffer and tray c1860, very rare with tray included. Wear to the plating otherwise