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Roman white marble sarcophagus tablet. 1st century A.D., 35 cm high, 149 cm wide. Provenance: Sotheby's London Antiquities sale. 23 May 1988 Lot 377

A Roman marble fragment, late 2nd/early 3rd century AD, from a funerary sarcophagus or cinerary urn, depicting Eros God of Love and Desire, on fitted stand, 36 cm high, 35 cm wide

Three Roman glass vessels, comprising, twin handled vase, jug and small vase, tallest 13.5 cm (3)

A large Roman pottery Transport amphora, circa 1ST-3rd century A.D., mounted on contemporary stand, 96 cm high

Two Roman Era pottery figures, both mounted on contemporary marble bases, tallest 18 cm high

Six Roman pottery oil lamps of various designs, two Roman Era marble Mounter pottery heads, & a Roman seal, (9)

A Campanian red-figure bell Krater, attributed to the Danaid Painter, circa 335 B.C. the side a depicting a male acrobat wearing a headband and a short kilt, his body bent backwards into an arch, with ivy leaves in the field side B depicting a swan facing

A large Roman glass Alabastron, circa second-Third century C.E.. of translucent blue glass with semi-encrusted surface, with heavy trailing along the neck, 20 cm high Provenance: ex Graham Geddes collection; ex private collection

Ancient Roman terracotta oil lamp Knopped handle. Medallion ordinated by Christian symbols. Possibly 3rd C. AD. Certificate of authenticity available. L 9 cm

Ancient Roman terracotta oil lamp. Pale buff colour with impressed design. Large feeding hole & smaller wick hole. Small lug handle. Certificate of authenticity available & indicates origin as 2nd/3rd century AD & found in a catacomb in Alexandria, Egypt d

Iron nails from fortress in Scotland, In box case. 34 cm wide. Label reads,'From Roman Legionary Fortress at Inchtuthil, Perthshire Scotland AD 83-87

A large and rare late Roman terracotta pot, 8th century AD, together with a later wrought iron stand. 108 cm high x 99 cm diameter

A carved stone torso fragment, Roman, 1st/2nd century AD. 52 cm high, 20 cm wide, 23 cm deep

A carved limestone panel of a goddess, Roman, 18th century. 75 cm high, 34 cm wide, 12 cm deep

A Roman iron dagger. 100BC-100AD. Ritually bent blade length 30 cm. Comes with stand

Etruscan terracotta black clau buccero 7th BC ex Re-Entombed Galleries with certificate height 17 cm

A Roman bronze oil lamp decorated with the face of Silenus, 1st-3rd century A.D, 11.25 cm long

A Roman bronze hanging oil lamp with three spouts, Herodian period, 1st century A.D. Holy Land, decorated with leaf patterns; lacking one of the suspension lugs. 14.2 cm long, 10.5 cm wide

A Roman marble bust, possibly 3rd century AD modelled as the upper torso, with drapery to one shoulder and head turned to the right, raised on a later stepped circular marble plinth, the bust 76 cm high, the stand 102 cm high

Mud fish, 1st to 2nd-century AD terracotta fish. Egyptian or Roman; made from Nile mud. Similar example can be found in the British Museum. Length 6 cm. Width 14.5 cm

A Roman glass bottle vase in pale green with pontil mark. Height 17 cm

A rare flattened Roman glass bottle flask with iridescent patina and earth traces. Height 17.5 cm

A rare agate cameo of a Roman gentleman, 1st millenium BC, 2.2 cm

A Byzantine glazed ceramic plate with sgraffito design, Eastern Mediterranean littoral, Middle Byzantine period, circa 12th century, the interior with an avian motif incised into the slip., 5 cm high, 21 cm diameter. Encrustation suggests the object was re

A calcified marble torso of a male, Roman 1st-2nd century AD, 36 cm high, 18 cm wide across the shoulders, on black marble base, 58 cm high overall

A Roman marble eagle fragment, circa 2nd - 3rd century A.D., realistically resolved with a hanging device secured to verso, 18 cm high x 14 cm width. Provenance: Acquired by a member of the German diplomatic service in Istanbul, Ankara and Thessaloniki in

A Roman blue glass vase with flower head prunts, 1st millennium BC. 8 cm high

A Roman glass conical bottle with trailed collar. 8 cm high

A Roman glass bottle vase, 1st millennium BC, with trailed ribbed neck. 25 cm high

An ancient Roman terracotta shipwreck amphora vase, 3rd century B.C., the large mouth, narrow neck with a pair of handles above a swollen belly and a pointed bottom, with natural fossilization, mounted in a contemporary iron stand, 119 cm high

A brown painted buff ware jug, Roman, circa 400BC. 12 cm high