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Della Robbia Pottery was an Arts & Craft studio pottery that opened in 1894 and was located at Birkenhead in Cheshire. The founders, Harold Rathbone and Conrad Dressler were originally inspired by the ceramics of the Italian Renaissance and the pottery derived its name from the 15th century Italian sculptor, Luca Della Robbia (1400 - 1482) who developed a glaze that made his pottery creations more durable when used outside the house, and thus suitable for use on building exteriors. The company produced tableware, tiles, garden ornaments, and hollow ware in distinctive shapes and designs from the Renaissance period. Della Robbia art pottery was sold by Liberty & Co. as well as in the company's own retail outlet in Liverpool. Most individual pieces are signed by the artist as well as showing the "DR" monogram and the medieval galleon trademark. Due to the cost of production of its wares, the business was not viable, and the pottery closed in 1906.
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Della Robbia vase, marked to base and dated 1896

Della Robbia wall plaque (firing crack, see article ill. P.40 No. 7 'Birkenhead Della Robbia Pottery 1893 to 1906' published by Jeremy Cooper Ltd, London.) 41 cm diameter

Della Robbia twin handled vase by F. M. Wood and Lizzie Williams, dated 1900. 41 cm high