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Known as 'Cottage Ware', ceramic miniature of buildings have been manufactured by many potteries including Goss, Beswick and Royal Winton.

Lilliput Lane commenced production of their miniature cottages in 1982. David Tate, the founder, opened workshops at Skirsgill, in England Lake District and the company has remained in the area ever since. The majority of the models are based on real cottages with collections based not only on British Cottage but also American, and in the past German Dutch and French Cottages.

Most Lilliput Lane Cottages are made on the scale of 1:76. The modellers have more than 200 different tools at their disposal, including dentistry tools, to create a wax model which, is then used to make a mould for the cottage. The cottages have attracted a worldwide collector following. As new models are launched, older models are retired and become collectable. Subtle variations in models can affect the price, for example changes in colour or design, and with regular retirements and new issues, there is solid demand for earlier and rarer cottages.

The most expensive Lilliput cottage sold is the model of The Royal & Ancient Clubhouse at St. Andrews, Scotland. more...
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