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Tibetan silver travelling shrine 'Gau', of square form with ruyi shaped top, decorated with flaming pearl flanked by two dragons, set within a red, gilt and green brocade case, height 23 cm

Three fine Tibetan portable Buddhist Shrines, Gau, silver repousse and copper, 19th/20th century, each have a niche with a clay painted deity, the covers decorated with Buddhist symbols, felt and brocade fitted carrying purses [3], height 15 and 20 cm

Tibetan Gau reliquary copper with silver repousse front panel with dragon designs and three window to the interior in which sits a figurine of a deity, the shrine encased in a brocaded material pouch. Approx. Height 24 cm

A large Tibetan silver and copper Gau (travelling shrine) with repousse design of Buddhist sacred objects, containing 3 deities presented with brocade carrying case, 23.5 cm

A Tibetan white metal miniature Gau, box of ink sticks & a Tibetan prayer bell (3). Height 17 cm

A fine silver & copper Tibetan travelling shrine 'Gau' with three shaped niche containing clay polychrome deities, the repousse silver border of dragons and auspicious symbols on the front, the copper back opens, the narrow sides set with two pairs of silv

Tibetan silver Gau. Three deities presented within dragon and lotus embossed silver overlay, with brocade carrying case. Height 25 cm

Tibetan Gau, a fine rectangular lidded box made of copper and brass. Engraved on the top with fine floral motifs and inlaid with five pieces of circular coral. An early patina. 18th century. Height 9 cm, width 8.3 cm

Tibetan Gau, a square-shaped lidded box with triangular handles made of brass. The top and sides are engraved with fine floral motifs and inlaid with multiple pieces of circular coral and turquoise in the shape of florets. 18th century. Early patina. Width

Tibetan Gau, a square-shaped lidded box with two brass handles attached. Inlaid with multiple pieces of circular turquoise, coral and gems in the shape of florets., a female diety figure represented in the middle, 18th century, early patina. Height 8.4 cm

A fine Tibetan portable shrine (gau), c. 19th century, the silver lid decorated with two celestial dragons opposing a flaming jewel at apex in relief and three apertures in the form of temple arches shielded with glass behind which sit three polychrome dei

A rare Tibetan round silver and gold inlaid iron box (gau 16th century or earlier. 7 cm

A Tibetan repousse silver and copper amulet box (gau), 19th century or earlier. 10 x 7 cm

A copper and turquoise gau Tibet, 19th century. 10.5 x 11 cm