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Jade and diamond ring and pendant, comprising: an 18ct gold ring centring a cabochon green jade between shoulders decorated with circular-cut diamonds, size I; and an 18ct gold pendant terminating on a carved jade pendeloque, suspended from a gold ribbon m

Boxed 10ct yellow gold, jade and pearl pendant, total weight:3.56 grams

A carved lavender jade, diamond and amethyst pendant mounted in 14ct gold

Carved green jade pendant with snake and peach, size: approx 3 cm length

A jade and diamond set pendant. 18ct white gold, presented as a fine quality slender cylinder like shape piece of solid jade, intense green in colour, capped to one end in a smooth 18ct white gold diamond set cap with fitted bail. Length 3.8 cm

18ct white gold and green jade pendant, weight approx 3.48 grams, sizepprox 3cm in length

A jade and ruby pendant, the finely carved jade depicting a citron with two confronted lions and a string of coins, suspended on a ruby and diamond surmount. 18ct yellow gold. Weight 27.30 grams. Length 7.2 cm.

22ct diamond and jade pendant five jade panels interspaced with four old mine cut diamonds, leaf mount set with two diamonds

Jade and diamond pendant, circular disk bezel set in 18ct yellow gold with bezel set round brilliant cut diamond in the centre, channel set baguette diamonds on bail and spacer, upon black cord, stamped '750 18k 0.81' with maker's mark, approx.

A jade and diamond set pendant, 18ct white gold, made as a small round carved and polished piece of pale green jade, measuring approximately 24 x 21mm, claw set within a fine frame of brilliant cut diamonds with swirled top detail and concealed bail fitted

A carved jade and diamond pendant, 46mm diameter "C" jade disc to bale set with 6 round brilliant cut diamonds

Green jade pendant, a large jade pendant carved on both sides with a, bat and lotus flower with a carved top and 18ct, yellow gold fitting and bale, size 55mmx31mmx10mm, weight 59.9 grams

An Art Deco jadeite and diamond pendant, the carved jadeite panel of translucent green depicting a phoenix, weighing 62.0cts, surmounted by a diamond set bale with engraved and chased decoration, mounted in platinum. Condition: Presents in very good condit

18ct white gold and jadeite diamond pendant, of cluster design claw-set to the centre with an oval jade measuring approximately 22.73 x 11.76mm framed by baguette and brilliant-cut diamonds, approximately 30 x 20mm. Accompanied by a Hong Kong Jade & Stone

A white jade pendant, 20th century of oval form, one side delicately carved with Guanyin wearing long flowing robes and holding an ambrosial vase to one side, incised with a red mark reading yu (jade), the reverse undecorated showing the faintly russet ski

Three stone pieces including a ShoushanSeal on fitted stand, together with a carved white cabbage with a red worm and a jade pendant on a black silk cord. [3]. Height 7 cm

An 18ct gold jade and diamond pendant, centring an 11.7 x 8mm green jadeite surrounded by 51 single cut diamonds. Wt. 7.5g

A celadon jade miniature chain vase and cover of flattened form, the shoulders with loop handles attached to a linked chain on either side joined by a foliate scroll bar and further silver metal chain for use as a pendant, box (2), the vase and cover 5 cm

A jade and diamond cluster pendant. 18ct rose gold, presented as a coral coloured jade panel of stylised heart shape, framed by small claw set diamond with a feature pink sapphire set to top, completed with diamond set bail

Jade and diamond set pendant. An 850 marked yellow gold diamond set frame holding an oval medium green jade cabochon. Weight 5.78grams

A jade and diamond pendant necklace; 40 x 20mm carved jade pendant on an 18ct white gold chain and surmount set with 20 round brilliant cut diamonds

18ct white gold and lavender jade pendant Surmounted with a foliate motif accented with circular-cut diamonds suspending a pear-shaped plaque of a lavender colour suffused with an off-white splash carved to the front and reverse with fruit and floral motif

14ct yellow gold carved jadeite pendant. The carving depicts a 'Bat, coin & ruyi'. The jade Testing certificate States the colour as 'Bright green with orange patches' and is 'Natural jadeite jade, type A'. Measuring approximately 32mm x 23mm, with Hong Ko

A jade and gold pendant; arch shaped dark green cabochon jade set in gold (unmarked tests approx. 22ct) dimensions 35 x 20mm. Wt. 13g

Oval jade and diamond pendant, 18ct white gold with an oval jade plaque bordered by channel set diamonds and a pave bale, stamped '750', total weight of 8.19 grams, includes Hong Kong JJA certificate

A celadon jade pendant, carved with two dragons emerging from 'lingzhi' stems and a bat to one side, finely incised with an inscription and two seals, the stone of pale even tone with a faint russet suffusion, 6.7 cm long

A jade and diamond pendant, 18ct white gold, featuring a central solid piece of carved green jade, light to medium in colour with good lustre, carved in the design of a leaf, claw set, framed by a fine surround of grain set diamonds with looped detail to t

A jade pendant, 18ct white gold, made as a slim, flat egg shaped piece of polished and carved jade, pale white/green in colour with deeper green at some points, naturalistically carved, fitted with key pattern diamond set bail.

A white jade rectangular pendant, Qing Dynasty, 18th century, with rounded corners, carved in low relief on both sides, one with the the Daoist immortal Fenggan and his tiger beside rocks and pine, the stone of an even white tone, 5.7 cm x 3.9 cm

A jade and diamond pendant, the carved jade of pale green and lavender hues, to a diamond set bale, in 18ct rose gold.

A jade fish pendant, 18ct rose gold, the pendant crafted as a solid rectangular piece of carved and polished jade, pale green and orange in colour with two fish swimming in relief, the naturalistic piece completed with diamond set bail. Certificate Availab

A jade pendant, 18ct white gold mounted, set with a carved and polished piece of medium green jade, measuring 36 x 21mm, claw set within a fine frame with grain set tiny diamonds, looping to top with additional diamonds set to bail. Certificate Available

A jade pendant, the carved budda, set within a frame and bale in 18ct gold

14ct yellow gold carved jade and diamond pendant depicting a maiden and flowers 58 cm x 38 cm