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A locket is an item of jewellery, usually a pendant worn on a chain around the neck, that is hinged and opens to reveal a space, sometimes called a "keepsake compartment", used for storing a a personal memento, such as a miniature, a photograph or strands of hair. Other styles of lockets are worn as a brooch or bracelet. They have been around in various forms since the 15th century, but reached the peak of their popularity in the 19th century, when sentimentality was part of the national psyche. They are most commonly made of gold or silver, often decorated with precious or semi-precious stones and come in many shapes including ovals, hearts and circles.
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Victorian floral carved ivory brooch with rope twist gold frame together with ivory cross pendant, bird brooch and French jet photo locket

A late Georgian miniature locket, gold cased open locket set with a hand painted miniature of a gentleman on ivory with plaited hair in rear compartment, fitted box, 70 x 50mm (including bail)

Good Victorian gilt mourning locket circa 1860, also called remembrance locket. Original frames, glass covers and lining. Includes original tin type photo image. Both sides of locket have engraved ivory leaves symbolizing immortality, everlasting life