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A jade bangle, one round bangle of solid jade, pale green in colour, flat inner and rounded outer profile. Inner width 5.8 cm

A Translucent lilac jade bangle with a Striation of green, a round & flat side, diameter 8 cm

A jade bangle, of plain polished design. Inside diameter 8cm

Burmese jade bangle, inside circumference approx 5.8 cm

Pale green jade bangle, in box, size: internal diameter approx 5.7 cm

A fine pale green jade bangle. Presented as a simple round, tubular shaped solid jade bangle of pale green translucent colour. Inner width 5.8 cms

A carved & polished opaque jade bangle, rounded with flat interior & Matrix of Burmese-green., diameter 7 cm

A spinach jade bangle. One solid tubular formed round bangle of spinach jade, deep to light green in colour with mottled pattern, Inner width 6.3 cm

A jade bangle. Made as a simple round tubular formed jade bangle of medium to light green colour, measuring 6.5 cm to inner width

A half round jade bangle, dyed green, internal diameter 7 cm.

A jade bangle. Presented as a tubular formed solid green jade bangle of medium to light green colour. Inner width 6.5 cms

A jade bangle. Crafted as a smooth round formed bangle of polished jade, domed to outer profile and flat to inner, varied in shade from light green/white to panel green, 14mm in width. Inner width 5.7 cms

A jade bangle. One polished round profile bangle of jade, medium mottled green in colour with smooth inner sleave. Inner width 6 cms

A jadeite bangle, the circular full round bangle with polished finish of A-type jade, 80mm diameter

A jade and gold bangle, 15ct yellow gold (x-ray assessed), of Asian manufacture, made as a slender tubular bangle of oval shape, detailed throughout with jade panels of light green colour within a frame of engraved gold work, fitted with a threaded pin cla