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Gilt metal figure of a seated Shakyamuni Buddha, on double lotus base. 48 cm high.

An Indian/South East Asian terracotta sculpture of a Shakyamuni Buddha, well caved with a Shakyamuni standing on a double lotus throne in front of a mandola, with two attendants standing on each side and a lion kneeling in front, 21.5 cm high

A Burmese gold lacquer seated Buddha of Shakyamuni, 19th century, 49 cm high. Provenance: The collection of Barry and Jeanne Little

A Tibetan gilt-bronze figure of Buddha Shakyamuni, 15th century, seated in 'bhumi-sparsha'(earth-touching mudra) on a high double -lotus throne, a scroll inside the base, unsealed, Kasamala Kingdom, Western Tibet, 17.4 cm high

A finely detailed Tibetan seated Shakyamuni Buddha statue. Floral mark to underside. Robes, decorated with animals and florals in relief. Height 20 cm

A gilt copper figure of Buddha Shakyamuni, Nepal, 18th/19th century seated in dhyanasana on a lotus base over a throne supported by a lion and lioness, his right hand lowered in bhumisparsa mudra and the left in varada mudra, wearing loosely draped robes i

Large 19th century Thai gilt buddha figure of Shakyamuni seated in Padmasana, above an elaborate multi tiered lotus base. Height 97 cm

A fine Tibetan portable shrine (gau), c. 19th century, the silver lid decorated with two celestial dragons opposing a flaming jewel at apex in relief and three apertures in the form of temple arches shielded with glass behind which sit three polychrome dei