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A Chinese cast-iron infant Buddha, Ming dynasty, height 16 cm. Provenance: Private collection, Sydney

A small celadon jade pendant, (3), carved in the form of Budai, seated on his sack, his face with jovial expression, together with two hardwood rectangular boxes, one probably of zitan with sliding cover, the other with fitted cover, (3), pendant 4 cm long

A gilded metal Buddha statuette, modelled seated with hands in gesture of meditation, his head surmounted by a coronet of bodhisattvas. Six-character mark to the back. Height 42 cm

A torso of a walking Buddha figure, Sukhotha Thailand, 13TH-15th century, of typical robed form, 41.5 cm high including base

A standing Buddha, Loburi, Thailand, 12TH-13th century, an early standing Buddha in Royal attire with hands held out to the front in vitarka mudra, the gesture of philosophical debate, 24 cm high. Provenance: Purchased David Jones gallery, Sydney, 1964

A stucco head of a Buddha, Thailand, Depicted with full lower lip, 16 cm high including base

Thai silver lidded betel Quid box comprising a base & cover. Sitting on a flared foot, mirrored by a flared rim around the top of the cover. the cover stretches down over most of the box, the body is decorated with Burmese/Shan zodiac signs wih other s

A Chinese finely carved Hang Yang wood figure of a standing Buddha, classically represented with ruyi sceptre and child to his feet, good patina and polish. Height 27 cm

A Thai knife with a tooth Hilt, probably a tiger tooth and silver handle and silver sheath, plus a Votive Buddha, 19/20th century, from the Shan state, on Thai Burmese border, length 23 cm

A Burmese lacquer and gilt Buddha, seated on a low plinth, robes embellished with mirror glass, 19th/20th century, a round full face with hair held back with a jewel-like head band, with long ears touching his shoulders and glass eyes looking straight ahea

Laotian carved wooden and gilt Buddha, 20th century, depicted seated on a three tiered throne, height 23 cm

A large Chinese greenstone carving of a Happy Buddha, seated with a laughing expression, on a wooden stand, height 25 cm

A Chinese jade Happy Buddha, carved from a solid boulderin relief, seated in the position of Royal ease, the large pale blue-green jade well deliniated on a wooden stand, height 25 cm

A Chinese painted cast iron seated Bhaisajyaguru, the Medicine Buddha, with gilt, green and red pigment, depicted holding a medicine pot in his left hand., height 26 cm

Japanese carved wooden Buddha figure, 20th century, well carved figure depicted seated with a serene expression, height 22 cm

Carved stone head of Buddha on stand, age unknown, approx 34 cm high including stand

Carved stone Buddha head on stand, age unknown, approx 35 cm high including stand

Early carved stone Buddha head fragment on stand, approx 28 cm high, 19 cm wide including stand

Oriental carved stone seated Buddha in relief, panel on base, approx 43 cm high, 29 cm wide including base

A green Buddha with one hand holding a lotus flower and the other outstretched. Provenance: Purchased 1897-99 in (Tibet) then part of China and is sold on behalf the purchaser's great grandson. Minor restoration, 39 cm high

Pair of Chinese silver Buddha pepperettes, marked Y.C.C. STERLING, 5 cm high approx, 48 grams

A Ming-style Buddha, yellow metal, 19th century, hands in the mundra of calling the earth to witness, a serene full face with eyes downcast, the hair in small whorls behind an ornate five leaf diadem, wearing a robe over one shoulder with a simple braid tr

Thai sterling silver box, with Buddha rosette to lid and lined interior, 10.8 cm wide, 9.5 cm deep, 297 grams

Chinese Yu Chang silver pepperette, in the form of a seated Buddha, marked Yu Chang Sterling to base, 5 cm high, 29 grams

Large Tibetan gilt metal seated Buddha, 47.5 cm high, corrosion.

Indonesian ivory figure of Buddha. Depicting 'Calling the earth to witness,' upon a coiled naga. Height 20 cm

Cambodian stone carved Buddha head. On wooden stand. Height 36 cm, including stand) 25 cm, (without stand)

Gilt metal figure of a seated Shakyamuni Buddha, on double lotus base. 48 cm high.

Tibetan repousse vajrasattva head dress, made from silver and copper, in conical form with three rounded tiers separated by foliate bands. The attached silver repousse tiara depicting 5 copper Jina Buddha's in relief

hand carved stone Buddha head on a metal stand, approx 40 cm high including stand

A Cambodian seated Buddha 12TH- 13th century on stand (33 cm high without stand);