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A Chinese carved wood Bodhisattva seated on a Sacred lion, Traces of pigment, Ming Dynasty, 1368-1644, with a beautiful full face sits aloft the lion in the Royal ease posture, the crown centred above the eye of higher consciousness, the hands in the mudra

A gilded metal Buddha statuette, modelled seated with hands in gesture of meditation, his head surmounted by a coronet of bodhisattvas. Six-character mark to the back. Height 42 cm

A wood sculpture of Jizo Bosatsu, Muromachi / Momoyama period, circa late 16th century, Jizo seated on a gold lotus pedestal (later Edo addition C.1800) shown in the guise of a serene monk with shaved head, his right hand carrying Shakujo (staff) and in hi

A Tibetan gilt copper Bodhisattva, circa 18th century, the fully achieved figure depicting a Bodhisattva engaged in the divine dance has a long necklace hanging to the navel, anklets and armlets and well-rounded limbs and body, 3 cm high

A Tibetan gilt copper repousse plaque depicting a Bodhisattva, 18th Century, 36 cm high

Large south east Asian silver bowl bodhisattva dancing unmarked, approx 318g, 11 cm high

Large Burmese silver "Thabiek" bowl, highly decorated in chased, repousse and pierced work, bodhisattva dancing, approx 1333g and 24 cm diameter x 22 cm high

A Chinese marble Bodhisattva, carved and incised, a full face below a crown, probably Ming Dynasty 14-17th century, a scarf draped over each arm, wearing a long necklace over the pleated robes falling above his feet, standing straight on a circular lotus b

A Tibetan gold and red lacquered image of white Tara, early Qing Dynasty, 18th century, the Bodhisattva covered in jewels and necklaces, seated on a double-lotus throne in Padmasana, the right hand in Varada mudra, the left hand in Vitaka mudra, the red la

Porcelain figure of dancing bodhisattva, marked to base Manna Torimo 'Amanda' no 668, 53 cm high

A carved stone carving of a Bodhisattva and qilin, he reclines resting his arms upon a low table, the qilin sits beside him, light caramel coloured stone. Width 18 cm

An old Japanese finely carved gilt wood Buddhist figure (Thousand Hand Bodhisattva) as Kwannon, represented standing with eight pairs of arms, a flaming mandala tapering to the back and above, raised on lotus throne above a multi-tiered decorative base, tw

A gilded metal Buddha statuette, modelled seated with hands in gesture of meditation, his head surmounted by a coronet of bodhisattvas. Six-character mark to the back. Height 42 cm

A large & finely painted Mongolian Tantric Buddhist painting on silk, late 19th century, depicting five wrathful deities & a Bodhisattva, Tibetan script on bottom edge, this painting is of rare tantric Iconography (Museum conservation framed). Prov

A Gandharan schist seated Bodhisattva, circa 3rd-4th century A.D. Height 27 cm (without stand)

A carved stone head of a Bodhisattva, Indian, 25 cm high

A Japanese 20th century gilt and lacquer wood Kannon Bodhisattva, modelled on lotus platform surrounded by light, 32 cm high

A Chinese terracotta head of a Bodhisattva, Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) or later. The serene face with downcast gaze, and high chignon with a floriate headdress with the figure of the Amitabha Buddha, polychrome application, resting on a plinth, 37 cm high, 4

A Chinese carved polychrome wooden head of a Bodhisattva, Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) or later. The peaceful figure with high chignon, traces of pigment, supported on a plinth base, 35 cm high, 86 cm high (with base)

A gilt overlaid south East Asian Bodhisattva, 18th/19th century, seated in virasana with one hand resting in dhyanamudra, draped in a long single shoulder gown, his face displaying quiet composure and with elongated earlobes, raised on a triangular plinth,

A Chinese repousse gilt-copper figure of a Bodhisattva, Qianlong Period, 1736-95, bejewelled and seated on a double lotus throne, unsealed, 18 cm high. Provenance: A Victorian private collection

A gilded copper statue of the Bodhisattva Manjusai, a Buddhist deity with red painted face and indigo hair. Height 13.6 cm

A pair of Tibetan Chinese bronzed sixteen arms. Bodhisattva and Guanyin. 27 cm high.

A gilt metal figure of a BodhisatTVa, Qing Dynasty seated in dhyanasana on a waisted lotus plinth with hands in dhyanamudra, wearing a dhoti with a trailing celestial scarf around the arms, the chest and wrists adorned with beaded jewellery, the face with

A Chinese moulded and carved 'Guanyin' silver plaque, the BodhisatTVa moulded in low relief, stamped 'pure silver' verso, 10.1 x 5.7 x 0.3 cm

Chinese Peking blue glass model of the Bodhisattva Guanyin. Height 27 cm

A silvered wooden mask of a BodhisatTVa on a wooden plinth, 61 cm high

Two Chinese polychrome painted carved wood figures of Bodhisattvas. 41 cm and 45 cm high

19th century Chinese carved ivory figure of the Bodhisattva Guanyin, the Buddha of compassion. The finely rendered figure portrayed seated in the posture of Royal ease with one arm resting at her side and the other held up with her hand in the Dhamachakra

A large and impressive polychrome wood figure of Guanyin, Chinese 17th/18th century. The Bodhisattva of infinite compassion seated in Dhyanasana wearing a Crown with a central image of a Buddha. Her hands in the dharmachakra mudra, the gesture which denote

A Chinese ceramic figure of a seated Bodhisattva, holding a Jui on her left arm and wearing a flowing robe and a pearl necklace, the robe in crackle glaze. Impressed four character mark verso. 20 cm high (Rushtons fine arts Auction 26/10/1997).

A large carved wood and polychrome Boddhisaatva 116 x 90 cm

A silver figure of Avalokitesvara, Nepal, 19th/20th century, the Bodhisattva of compassion with four arms seated in dhyanasana on a lotus throne, the principle hands held together in anjali mudra, wearing a long dhoti, jewels and a trailing scarf, the high

A carved stone bust of a Bodhisattva, height: 18 cm

A large Gandharan stucco figure 3rd century Ace, of a Bodhisattva seated in dhyanasana, traces of pigment, mounted. Height 47 cm, with stand 50 cm. Provenance: Ex Uk private collection

A rare Ghandaran schist figure of a Bodhisattva Indian, circa 3rd century. Provenance: The collection of Paul Otto Taubert, Sydney