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A Tibetan gilt bronze Panchen Lama, 19th century, wearing a hat reserved for special ceremonies, seated on cushion incised with foliate and lattice patterns, and a richly incised monastic robe, his right hand in vitarka mudra, the left resting on his lap,

A gilt-bronze figure of a seated Lama, 14.5 cm high. Provenance: Western Australia private collection, acquired in Shanxi, China in the 1950s (by repute)

A rare bronze Lama, wearing a double Layered robe, inlaid with silver & copper, Tibet, 18th/19th century, pleated in part, the braiding on the edge with fine incised decoration, he is seated in the meditating pose on a double lotus pedestal, with short cro

A Tibetan gilt bronze figure of a monk, circa, 17th century, very finely cast, seated in elaborate robe, a long inscription on the back of the lotus throne, seal, 8.5 cm high. Provenance: purchased from a lama in Swayambhunath, Thailand, in 1970

A bronze figure of a Lama, Tibeto-Chinese, 19th/20th century, seated on a double-lotus base with his hands in 'dharmachakra mudra', wearing voluminous robes with incised borders, the face with smiling expression, 30 cm high

A parcel-gilt bronze figure of a seated Lama, Qianlong incised mark, seated in dhyanasana and wearing layered sectional robes, his hands in mudra symbolising turning the wheel of Dharma while in meditation, raised upon a double-lotus base with beaded rims,

Tibetan bronze figure of a Lama modelled seated in the lotus position on lotus form base. Height 28.5 cm

A large Nepalese lacquered bronze image of a Lama, 20th century, 50 x 42 cm

A gilt bronze figure of a lama, Tibeto-Chinese, 18th/19th century, seated on a cushion base, wearing a long robe falling in deep folds over his lap and a high brimmed hat, the right hand held in vitarka mudra, the left in dhyana mudra, the face with traces

A Tibetan Tsa tsa together with bronze tally and small bronze seated figure 16-17th century Tibetan Tsa tsa of a Karmapa Lama, polychrome terracotta, 4 cm; bronze tally, Han dynasty in the form of an official, small bronze seated figure

A small bronze figure of 'Balak Krishna' resting on a cobra. Together with bronze standing figure of 'Avokitrasava' holding a torch in her right hand. And a small brass figure of a bearded lama in festive clothing with high headdress and a bronze Gaunyin

A Tibetan bronze Sakyapa Lama, 16th century. Seated in detailed robes, flanked by flowering lotus branches, an inscription around the base, the face cold gilt. Height 17 cm