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A Japanese bronze bust of Guanyin with gilt highlights, 20th century. Provenance: the collection of a retired airline executive, condition: We understand that the verdigris can be cleaned, height 24 cm

A Chinese bronze standing figure of Guanyin, YĆ¼tang Shisou mark, Qing Dynasty (1644-1912), nationalistically cast figure standing on a cloud, turning slightly to the left with hands and forearms held before her, dressed in a flowing robes adorned with silv

A very tall Chinese-Tibetan bronze Guanyin, a full round face beneath a crown, her right hand raised holding a lotus bud, standing on a waisted lotus plinth above a square shape stool, height 82 cm

A Sino-Tibetan bronze Guanyin, seated and enveloped in her Unadorned robes, 19th/20th century, her face in solemn concentration feet and hands hidden, height 14 cm

A beautiful serene face of Guanyin, the hair piled high and Picked out in black lacquer, Japanese 20th century, the hollow ceramic face well delineated with a bronze glaze, a flat back used as a wall hanging, condition: age wear to the lacquer. Provenance:

A bronze seated Guanyin, enveloped in her robes, 20th century. Provenance: the collection of a retired airline executive, height 14 cm

A standing bronze figure of Guanyin. Early 20th century Chinese, Northern style standing bronze figure of the Bodhisattva Guanyin gesturing in, Abhayamudra., She has an image of the Buddha in her Chignon and an Aureole., She stands on a high double lotus b

A black incense burnt and gilt cast bronze Guanyin in classic pose, sitting on double lotus leaf 23 cm high

A large Chinese bronze Guanyin seated in meditative pose with hands resting in lap, wearing Crown and ornate clothing, faint gilt tonings. 90 cm high.

A Chinese bronze ding formed censer & figure of Guanyin. 20th century. The figure 23 cm high (2)

A bronze white-Robed Guanyin depicted with flowing robes, and wearing a necklace, her hair in graceful plaits, in her hand she holds a fish, with overall patina, apocryphal mark to the back of figure, 37 cm high

A Chinese bronze seated figure of the white-robed Guanyin, 17th century. sitting cross-legged on a lotus base, with high chignon and diadem of the Amitabha Buddha, depicted wearing necklaces and flowing robes, in the left hand, Guanyin holds the (detachabl

Unusual Chinese gilt bronze Guanyin, sitting on the back of a boar. Mark to base. Height: 37 cm

Large decorative Chinese bronze figure of Guanyin. Height 29 cm

A cast metal figure of Guanyin with stand mid 20th century, with bronze patinated finish. Height 25 cm

A Chinese bronze reclining Guanyin, with much patina, the figure of the traditionally robed Guanyin reclining in a leaf, one arm raised and resting beneath her chin, the leaf upon turbulent seas and mounted upon a rectangular base. Height 17.5 cm. Width 21

A Chinese gilded bronze Samantabhadra, puxian, Qianlong four-character embossed mark to the back, Republic period, the bodhisattva riding a kneeling elephant with three pairs of tusks while carrying a lotus leaf 'parasol', all on a single lotus base, 47 cm

A Chinese bronze Guanyin, depicting a serene Guanyin in the typical Fujian regional manner, dressed in Tang style flowing and engraved robes, and carrying a fish basket. Height 36.5 cm

A bronze Guanyin, mid to late 20th century, a contemplative downward gazing Guanyin in double lotus position holding a flask atop a lotus throne and surrounded by a flaming mandorla; the whole with painted gold highlights. Height 16 cm

A Chinese gilt bronze Guanyin, seated in dhyanasana on a double-lotus base, her hands in meditation mudra, wearing a dhoti and a flowing celestial scarf, the head surmounted by a jewelled tiara, the base sealed with a double-vajra, 17.8 cm high

A Chinese bronze figure of Guanyin standing on a single lotus base bearing Chinese character marks base verso. Height 32 cm

A Ming style bronze Guanyin, cast in a recumbent pose signed to base 15.5 cm high

A Chinese bronze figure of Guanyin in seated position, supporting an infant on one leg, 25 cm high

A fine Chinese bronze figure of Guanyin, Yuan - Ming Dynasty the Bodhisattva seated in dhyanasana, the hands in vitarka mudra, the body supporting a tassel-hung beaded necklace, the Crown pierced, 14th / 15th century, 23 cm high

A large gilded bronze figure of Guanyin, 18th/19th century, seated in lalitasana on a Buddhist lion, her hands in karana and varada mudra, with a ruyi in her right hand, her serene face with downcast eyes, framed by pendulous ear lobes, her hair piled into

A Chinese bronze figure of Guanyin, 19th century 16.5 cm high

A Chinese parcel-gilt bronze Guanyin, 16th century, seated on a double lotus throne and wearing a high Crown. 24.8 cm high

A Chinese bronze figure of Guanyin, the goddess of mercy in sitting posture with right hand upon right knee, her flowing garments forming part of her base, late Ming / early Qing dynasty. Height 19 cm.

Japanese bronze figure of Guanyin, Heian period, seated on an elongated lotus throne, right hand in Abhaya gesture. Height 20 cm.

Chinese bronze figure of Guanyin, seated in dhyanasana position, one hand holds flowering bulb, the other in vitarka mudra. Elaborate headdress jewellery and draperies. Seated on double lotus throne. Traces of black lacquer, pigment and gilding. 18th centu

Gilt lacquered bronze figure of Guanyin. Wearing an elaborate open work tiara, ornate jewellery and lower garment; face with serene expression, seated on a carved wooden double, lotus stand. Possibly 16th/17th century. Provenance: Christies, London, Nov. 2

A Chinese gilt bronze figure of Guanyin, 17th/18th century, seated in dhyanasana, the right hand held in harina mudra holding an emblem, the left in a mudra supporting a vessel, the face with downcast eyes and a serene expression, wearing an elaborate pier

A Japanese bronze and champleve enamel group, Meiji period, circa 1900, depicting Guanyin seated on an elephant, sealed underneath. Height. Height 6 cm @