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A Tibetan gilt bronze standing Buddha with eleven heads & eight arms, 18th-20th century, the Avalokitsavara heads in three tiers & topped with two single heads, two hands held in prayer the other hands in different mudras, elaborately dressed &

A standing bronze figure of Guanyin. Early 20th century Chinese, Northern style standing bronze figure of the Bodhisattva Guanyin gesturing in, Abhayamudra., She has an image of the Buddha in her Chignon and an Aureole., She stands on a high double lotus b

A Burmese seated bronze Buddha, Sincere beautiful face, Humble & plain, completely Unadorned. Provenance: The collection of a retired airline executive, height 20 cm

A Thai bronze figure of Buddha, Sukhothai period, 15th century, seated in vajrasana on a simple raised platform, the hands in vajrasana (bringing the earth to witness), the eyes downcast, the hair in tight curls surmounted by a flaming ushnisha, covered in

A small Khmer bronze head of Buddha, Angkor Wat, Bayon period, 12th-13th century, very finely cast, the face with a benign smile, his hair combed straight back, long ear lobes, covered in a very good even dark green patina, 8.5 cm high, metal stand

Antique cast bronze seated Buddha statue, approx 54 cm high, 34 cm wide

An antique gilt bronze Buddha from Thailand, 18th century, Bangkok or Ratanakosin school, a serene and refined figure of Buddha Maravijaya in patterned draped clothing and a studded belt across the shoulder, with tightly curled hair and ushnisha and pendul

A bronze figure of the Buddha of Wisdom and Compassion, the serene figure of the Buddha seated in dhyanasana, hands crossed and bearing auspicious attributes of the bell and dorje, symbols of wisdom and compassion, the Buddha with draped clothing, lightly

A bronze Burmese Buddha head on square wood stand, the young face with a Monobrow and long ears, the hair piled high and held back with a pierced tiara. Height 36 cm

A Chinese bronze figure of a seated Buddha, 17th century, 38 cm high. Provenance: Western Australia private collection, acquired from Sotheby's on 21 May 1996 in Melbourne, lot 329, Sale AU601

A gilt bronze figure of Dipankara Buddha, Nepal, late 19th century, (2), standing on a lotus pedestal, the right arm raised in vitarkamudra and the left lowered in varadamudra, the removable figure supported on a stepped rectangular base backed with an ela

Bronze Hotei (Laughing Buddha) c.1920 (with traces of original gilding)

A monumental bronze seated Buddha, wearing an unadorned robe with the shoulder flap falling to the waist, Sukhothai, 14th/16th century, almond shaped eyes & long sweeping earlobes on the smooth oval face, a tall flame finial rising from the tight curls, th

A large, gilt bronze seated Buddha, the Spiritual Serenity is merged with a youthful form, 18th/19th century, cojoined eyebrows arched above half closed eyes, inlaid with glass, the face framed by long pendulous ears, the ushnisha with a tall flame finial,

A rare pair of bronze boy monks, Rising on a lotus branch, Burma, 18th century, the solid young rounded form in a posture of adoration in a respectful manner, the legs folded over each other, they would have sat either side of a large Buddha, a smooth shin

A bronze Buddha seated on an unadorned throne, copper-black Patina, Laos, 19th century, an oval face framed with pendulous ears, tight curls rising to a flamed finial, wearing a modest off the should robe, the crossed legs showing the soles of the feet, he

A bronze Shan style Buddha seated on a high throne with simple bands of beading, Burma 18th/19th century, a young serene face with high arched eyebrows above partly opened eyes, the tight curls with a domed shape ushnisha, a smooth copper-brown patina, hei

A seated bronze Buddha with fine detailing, Indo-Tibetan, 18th/19th century, ushnisha, a tall top knot, decorated with garlands of beads over the closely plaited hair, the urna, eye of wisdom above a monobrow on a meditative face, height 11 cm

An important copper-bronze seated Buddha, wearing a fine engraved robe, Sri Lanka 19th century, the hands in the gesture of meditation, the face with a benevolent expression with lips pursed & downcast eyes below the monobrow, flanked by long narrow earlob

A Chinese bronze of a guardian holding a small Buddha, Ming Dynasty, depicted in robes with peacock headdress, holding Buddha in one hand and stem in the other, mounted on stand, remnants of polychrome paint in places, 34 cm high

A Chinese gilt bronze seated Buddha on double lotus throne. Height 12 cm

A Tibetan bronze Buddha on lotus throne, a full face framed with loose Curls & long ears, wearing a simple off-the-shoulder robe, seated in the lotus pose with soles of feet facing up, gesture of touching the earth, on a half lotus throne, Provenance:

Impressive bronze standing Buddha, age unknown, 63 cm high

A Burmese bronze reclining Buddha, early 20th century, crowned and bejewelled Buddha entering parinirvana, metal plinth, 100 x 36 cm (Buddha)

A Japanese bronze figure of a Budai monk, 20th century, signed to the base, hardwood stand, 27 x 14.5 cm. Provenance: Collection of Ken Lawrence Foundation

A Chinese bronze seated figure of Amitbha Buddha, Qing dynasty, Qianlong period, circa 1780, seating in a square throne in front of a flaming mandorla with Dhyana-mudra, the front bottom of the throne inscribed 'Da Qing Qian Long Kang Zi Nian Jing Zao&

A Chinese bronze Votive plaque, with a seated Buddha in the centre & several disciples, on the reverse eleven lines of calligraphy, the mirror shape of domed top & square base. Height 19.5, W14.5 cm

A gilt bronze figure of Buddha Qianlong mark and period, the figure of Shakyamuni Buddha seated in meditative dhyanasana, the right arm lowered in bhumisparsamudra the left in dhyanamudra, wearing a loosely draped robe, the face with gentle expression and

Bronze Buddha cast in traditional pose on double plinth base, 39 cm height

A Buddhist group bronze figure, depicting a four armed Buddha riding a bull, 19 cm high

A Thai gilt bronze seated Buddha on a double lotus throne. Height 48 cm

A seated Burmese bronze Buddha, with an Inscription on the front, the robes pooling around the rounded, plain base above the inscription. Height 55 cm

A large Chinese bronze Happy Buddha his bare feet resting on lotus pods, above two confronting water dragons encircling the base, the figure with patterned robes open exposing a full tummy, traces of gilt. Provenance: Imperial Peking collection. Height 80

A gilt bronze Buddha seated in meditative pose, with hands in teaching mudra, raised on double lotus plinth base. Height 15.5 cm

An old Thai bronze Buddha head, mounted on a hardwood block base. Height overall 31.5 cm

A Thai bronze reclining Buddha statuette, the figure in repose upon a double lotus plinth base. Length 26.5 cm

Early Thai Ayutthaya bronze Buddha. Purchased Bangkok, 1972. Likely 18th/19 C. Damage back support. Height 46 cm