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A Chinese Tibetan gilt bronze seated Buddha, an impressed Xuande mark, Wu Bangzuo, with eyes almost closed & long ears straight at the bottom framing a young face, dressed in a richly decorated robe covering both shoulders, falling in folds on a low lo

A tall bronze seated Buddha, Chinese-Tibetan, 19th century, a full young face with elongated ears flicking out, wearing a simple unadorned, off the shoulder robe, hands in a meditating mudra, seated on single lotus petal plinth, above a plain platform, con

A Chinese gilt-bronze figure of a seated Gautama Buddha, possibly Vairochana, style of 14th century, height 15.3 cm. Provenance: Private collection, Sydney

A Chinese gilt-bronze seated figure of a Buddha, possibly Vairochana, and style of Ming dynasty, height 18 cm. Provenance: Private collection, Singapore, acquired in Singapore in the early 1990s

A gilt bronze figure of eleven-headed avalokiteshvara, 18th century or later, cast standing on a double lotus base with eight arms and eleven heads arranged in four tiers, the principle hands in anjalimudra, the others fanned out, one holding a lotus flowe

A gilt bronze figure of Buddha Qianlong mark and period, the figure of Shakyamuni Buddha seated in meditative dhyanasana, the right arm lowered in bhumisparsamudra, the left in dhyanamudra, wearing loosely draped robes, the face with gentle expression and

A large Chinese lacquered bronze Ming style seated Buddha with a tall crown, 19th/20th century, wearing an off the shoulder robe, arms with bangles & bracelets raised across the chest, the folds of the robe falling around the upturned feet, height 70,

A Thai gilt bronze Buddha, seated on a high tiered throne, height 16 cm

A large elegant Thai bronze Buddha, a serene young face, seated on lotus throne, height 42 cm

A large Chinese gilt bronze Buddha, the young serene face with eyes Downcast, Yongle seal mark on verso, wearing a very finely detailed robe, with buddhas in relief & incised scrolling design falling loosely around his legs, holding a lotus cup in his

A large bronze standing Buddha, hands raised in serene pose, his cloak draping from the arms, standing upon a lotus throne. Height 94 cm

A bronze model of Tanjobutsu (Shaka At Birth), Edo period, 18th/19th century, cast in the form of the historical Buddha Shaka immediately after his birth, naked to the waist, his right hand pointing to the heavens and his left pointing to the earth, on a l

A standing bronze Buddha, Ayutthaya period, Thailand, 18th century, a fine example of the Ayutthaya style Buddha with a serene face and standing in samabhanga, his right hand in abhayamudra and his left pendent along the left side of his body, floating awa

An old Tibetan bronze Buddha, the seated female with four arms, each hand holding a significant object, seated in lotus pose upon a lotus throne, dark patina. Height 35 cm

A rare Thai gilt bronze reclining Buddha, Parinirvana, on an elaborate, low stepped plinth, 19th century, the long lean figure dressed in a sanghati, resting peacefully on his right side, his head propped up by his arm with a serene expression on his face,

A gilt bronze and lacquer Thai Buddha, seated on a high tiered throne, 19th/20th century, a young serene face with downcast eyes and elongated curved earlobes, with a tall finial from the tight curls of the usnisa, wearing an off the shoulder robe, height

A large Chinese Ming style bronze Buddha, seated on a lotus petal stand, the hands clasped with raised index fingers, a full face centred with a small urna, eyes downcast below his domed usnisa, wearing flowing robes that fall around the upturned feet, the

A gilt bronze seated Buddha, a Xuande mark on the reverse, height . 28.5 cm

A Tibetan parcel gilt bronze Shakyamuni Buddha, height 20 cm

A tall elegant Tibetan bronze seated Buddha on lotus throne, height 42 cm

Good Chinese gilt bronze Buddha, depicted seated on elephant, wearing headdress, serene expression, with hands raised in pose, on lotus base, height 26 cm

Thai bronze Buddha head, with finial, above curled hair, serene expression and lobed ears, on stand, height 17 cm

Khmer bronze seated Buddha, depicted with head dress, eyes down cast, serene expression, necklace, hands resting in lap, height 31 cm

An Oriental bronze Buddha figure, the contemplative Buddha with tightly coiled hair, beard and curled moustache in the sub Continental manner, seated in the double lotus position, dressed in simply delineated folded robes and decorated with remnant gilt an

A bronze Buddha seated on a low plinth, Sri Lanka, 19th century, a young full face looking forward with a slight smile, under the tightly curled hair with a flame shaped finial, wearing an off the shoulder robe, height 32 cm, width 23 cm. Provenance: An Am

A large Chinese-Tibetan gilt bronze Buddha, 18-19th century, a serene young full face framed with long ears, eyes downcast and his urna visible between the arched brows, the hair in small whorls, off the shoulder robe with generous folds, seated with the s

A Tibetan gilt bronze Panchen Lama, 19th century, wearing a hat reserved for special ceremonies, seated on cushion incised with foliate and lattice patterns, and a richly incised monastic robe, his right hand in vitarka mudra, the left resting on his lap,

Wonderful Tibetan bronze Monks bowl, of deep cylindrical form, inlaid with a central figure of seated Buddha, with surround on lotus base, the exterior decorated with wave scrolls and precious emblems, diameter 20 cm, height 11 cm

South East Asian bronze head of Buddha, the serene face with eyes looking downwards, on wooden stand, height 47 cm

Large Tibetan gilt bronze seated Buddha, height 46.5 cm

Tibetan gilt bronze seated Buddha figure, right hand held symbolizing protection for beings, with bejeweled semi precious turquoise stones.

Tibetan gilt bronze seated Buddha figure, with hands in teaching gesture position, height 35 cm

Tibetan gilt bronze figure of a seated Buddha, holding an upright sword, height 36 cm

Tibetan gilt bronze white tara Buddha riding a pig, (known as mother of liberation), height 34.5 cm

Large bronze figure of a seated Shakyamuni Buddha, (Tibetan medicine Buddha), H 44 cm

A Nepalese cast bronze figure of Buddha, containing Copious prayer Rolls, 20th century;

Two bronze figures of Buddha, each in a seated Position (2);

Two bronze deities, including an Indian dancing Shiva, circa 1935 and a standing Thai Buddha, the Shiva 40 cm high (2);

A large Thai Chiang Saen style gilt bronze seated Buddha, Depicted in bhumispara mudra on beaded lotus base, with export seal, 80 cm high. Provenance: the collection of Amina & Franco Belgiorno-Nettis Ac Cbe