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A gilt bronze figure of eleven-headed avalokiteshvara, 18th century or later, cast standing on a double lotus base with eight arms and eleven heads arranged in four tiers, the principle hands in anjalimudra, the others fanned out, one holding a lotus flowe

A small Tibetan bronze bodhisattva, depicted seated holding symbolic objects, raised upon a lotus plinth throne. Height 9 cm

An old gilt bronze Bodhisattva, traditional seated pose with crossed legs and hands holding religious objects, upon a lotus throne, turquoise and other small cabochon stone highlights, most gilt finish remains, the high points showing old dark red/brown to

A large gilt bronze seated figure of Samantabhadra, an impressed Qianlong mark, identified by the multi-tusked adorned elephant with the elaborately attired bodhisattva, seated in the posture of Royal ease, a full face with a top-knot held back with a tiar

A Tibetan statuette of the bodhisattva Manjushri, coppered bronze, modelled seated on lotus throne holding a raised flaming sword. Height 43 cm

A standing bronze figure of Guanyin. Early 20th century Chinese, Northern style standing bronze figure of the Bodhisattva Guanyin gesturing in, Abhayamudra., She has an image of the Buddha in her Chignon and an Aureole., She stands on a high double lotus b

A rare Chinese polychrome wood sculpture of a Bodhisattva, song Dynasty, 11th century, seated in vajrasana (lotus posture) with the head slightly tilted to one side and the eyes downcast, the hair in curls and trusses around the ushnisha, the right hand or

A very fine Nepalese gilt-bronze Attendant figure of a Bodhisattva, 14th-15th century, the jewel-encrusted figure standing elegantly on a lotus throne, 18.5 cm high, References, for similar example please see Ulrich Von Shroeder Indo-Tibetan Bronzes, 1981,

A Chinese gilt bronze figure of a seated Bodhisattva and his mount, Ming dynasty 31 cm high. Provenance: Western Australia Private Collection, acquired in the 1980s

A Tibetan gilt bronze figure of a Vajrasattva, 17th -18th century, finely cast, the bejewelled figure seated on a double lotus pedestal, holding a vajra and a bell, sealed with Visvajra. Vajrasattva is a bodhisattva in the Mahayana, Mantrayana and Vajrayan

A bronze figure of a Bodhisattva seated in dhyanasana with right hand in vitarkamudra and left in avakashamudra, wearing loose robes open at the chest to reveal an elaborate necklace, and a high crown around the tall chignon, traces of gilding and coloured

Nepalese bronze figure of green Tara, the female bodhisattva of enlightened activity, seated on a lotus throne in the posture of Royal ease with left leg extended. Her left hand holding the stem of an upala flower which blossoms with a varja at her shoulde

A gilt-bronze figure of a Bodhisattva, 19.5 cm high. Provenance: East and West Gallery, Melbourne, Victoria Private Collection

A Nepalese bronze Bodhisattva, vajra and bell in hands, seated on lotus pedestal, 44.5 cm high

A gilt bronze Buddhist triad, in the Western Wei manner cast as Buddha between two bodhisattvas, each backed with flames, set upon a pedestal base flanked by lions, 30 cm high

A bronze figure of a seated Bodhisattva on burl wood base, 18 cm high including base

Marici Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva bronze gilded figure, her eight arms radiating around her, her principal face with serene expression, flanked by a two wrathful faces, dressed in the royal robes of a bodhisattva, seated on a raised lotus flower base. Heig

A silvered bronze figure of the bodhisattva Avalokiteshavra seated in dhyanasana on a double lotus throne, with synthetic pink gemstone inlays, 12 cm high

Chinese gilt bronze figure Bodhisattva Manjusri adorned with elaborate crown and jewellery seated on a double lotus pedestal, his hands held in front in the gesture of setting in notion the Wheel of Law (dharmachakra mudra)

Indian bronze figure of a bodhisattva, seated on a lotus stand in front of a mandorla. Height 22 cm

Chinese bronze figure of the Bodhisattva Maitreya, cast as standing on a lotus stand, the right hand in abhaya mudra, the left hand holding a vessel. Height 33 cm

A Tibetan gilt bronze statue. of an 18-arm Bodhisattva. Floral mark to base. Possibly late 19th/early 20th century height 33 cm

Chinese bronze figure of the Bodhisattva Maitreya, Ming Dynasty, cast as standing on a lotus stand, the right hand in abhaya mudra, the left hand holding a vessel. Height 32 cm

Tibetan bronze bodhisattva figure, 19th century, in standing posture on a lotus throne holding the stem of an upala flower in her left hand which blossoms at her shoulder. Height 24 cm

Tibetan bronze of green Tara, 19th century, the female bodhisattva of enlightened activity, seated on a lotus throne in the posture of royal ease with right leg extended. Her left hand holding the stem of a upala flower which blossoms with a varja at her s

A Chinese gilded bronze Samantabhadra, puxian, Qianlong four-character embossed mark to the back, Republic period, the bodhisattva riding a kneeling elephant with three pairs of tusks while carrying a lotus leaf 'parasol', all on a single lotus base, 47 cm

A Sino-Tibetan bronze figure of a seated Bodhisattva, her hands in Abhaya and Varada mudra, seated in Dhyanasana on a double lotus base, 16.3 cm high

A rare Himalayan bronze six-armed Bodhisattva, Circa 16th century. Very finely cast seated on a double-lotus throne, wearing a five-point crown and holding two discs aloft, the face serene and eyes downcast, possible from the bon religion. 24.5 cm high. Pr

A gilt bronze figure of a Luohan, Qing Dynasty standing on a lotus pedestal, wearing a long wide sleeved robe revealing his bare torso, his hands pulling his skin apart to reveal a seated figure of a BodhisatTVa within, his face with laughing expression an

A fine Chinese bronze figure of Guanyin, Yuan - Ming Dynasty the Bodhisattva seated in dhyanasana, the hands in vitarka mudra, the body supporting a tassel-hung beaded necklace, the Crown pierced, 14th / 15th century, 23 cm high

Sino-Tibetan gilt bronze figure of Yellow Dzambhala, the BodhisatTVa of Wealth and Abundance cast seated in lalita asana holding the jewel spouting mongoose in his right hand and the conch shell in his left. Height 28.5 cm

A Chinese cast bronze BodhisatTVa figure in seated gesturing pose on a lotus plinth. Painted gilt and lacquer decoration. Height 24 cm

A bronze Bodhisattva, Republic, the goddess wearing a flowing robe and elaborate Crown, her hands in Bhumisparsha mudra, seated on a lotus base. 33 cm high

A Chinese bronze Bodhisattva statue, Ming, the seated goddess accompanied by two of her consorts above a beast, her right hand raised in vitarka mudra, the left hand held in dhyana mudra above her lap and holding a bead, wearing a jewelled foliate Crown, n

A very unusual Tibeto-Chinese gilt bronze seated Bodhisattva, 18th century, with pendulous earrings and pierced crown, polychrome eyes, lips and eyebrows, seated on a lotus throne, with felt-mounted wooden base. 23 cm high. Provenance: From a deceased esta

A large gilt bronze Bodhisattva, the large seated Mandalay style figure seated in vajrasana, his right hand in bhumisparsha mudra, his left hand in dhyana mudra, his face with serene expression, 20th century, 43 cm high. Provenance: The collection of Cynth

A group of three Indian bronzes, the first a copper alloy figure of a standing deity, a standing folk bronze with mortar and pestle and a sitting Bodhisattva, 17th/18th century. Height 13 cm.

A 19th century Sino-Tibetan gilded bronze Shadakshari Avalokiteshvara, the four-armed bodhisattva seated in dhyanasana with hand in anjali mudra to the front and vitarka at his sides and holding the stem of a lotus in his left hand and a rosary in his righ

A gilt bronze figure of avalokitesvara, Tibeto-Chinese, 18th century, finely cast, the bodhisattva depicted with eleven heads and eight arms, standing wearing flowing robes and scarf, stand, (2), 8 cm, Compare with a similar figure sold at Sotheby's Paris,

A bronze bust of Bodhisattva together with a wooden ornament