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A rare Nepalese bronze standing figure of Avalokitesvara, 10th-11th century, finely cast in tribhanga with a sensuous curved body, the hair in a high chignon behind the three-point Crown, a mandorla behind the head, very well patinated, 26.5 cm high. Refer

A bronze figure of eleven-headed Avalokiteshvara, having eight arms and eleven heads, the principle hands clasped in front, standing on a lotus flower base, wearing beaded chains and flowing drapery, set on stand, 58 cm high (excluding stand)

A bronze figure of Avalokitesvara, with ten faces, standing upright upon a turtle, with eight pairs of arms including central hands in prayer, the topmost holding a disc aloft, finely cast with intricate detailiing to the robe & faces. Height 19 cm

Marici Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva bronze gilded figure, her eight arms radiating around her, her principal face with serene expression, flanked by a two wrathful faces, dressed in the royal robes of a bodhisattva, seated on a raised lotus flower base. Heig

A gilt bronze figure of Avalokitesvara, in 18th century style seated with right knee raised in lalitasana on a high double lotus base, her right arm resting on her knee and the left lowered to the base, the head turned slightly to one side with benign expr

An inscribed bronze plaque, Yuan/Ming dynasty or earlier, of arched rectangular form, one side cast in relief with the multi-armed deity Avalokiteshvara seated on a waisted throne, the reverse with an eight line invocation, 16 cm high

A large Tibetan bronze of Avalokiteshvara the standing multi-armed and multi headed deity holding various attributes, the rear arms fanning out at the flanks, 104 cm high

A Sino Tibetan gilded bronze figure of Avalokiteevara, 19th century, holding a lotus in each hand and wearing an elaborate Crown and jewelled necklace and armbands inset with turquoise, seated on a lotus base. 15 cm high

A Sino-Tibetan bronze Avalokiteshvara, 18th century, the well patinated figure wearing a jewelled Crown, jewelled necklaces and armlets accented in semi-precious stone, seated in dhyasana, with his twelve arms in the twelve mudras. 15.5 cm high

Chinese bronze figure of Avalokiteshvara. Seated, and wearing Crown and jewels. Height 16 cm

A Sino-Tibetan gilt bronze Avalokiteshvara, 19th century, seated in vajraparyankasana and hands in dhyana mudra and holding a jewelled offering vessel, his face with a serene expression and eyes downcast in meditation, wearing a dhoti, a jewelled Crown ado

A 19th century Sino-Tibetan gilded bronze Shadakshari Avalokiteshvara, the four-armed bodhisattva seated in dhyanasana with hand in anjali mudra to the front and vitarka at his sides and holding the stem of a lotus in his left hand and a rosary in his righ

A Sino-Tibetan bronze Avalokiteshvara, 18th/19th century,the eleven-headed eight-armed divinity standing in samapada wearing flowing robes, his primary hands in namaskara mudra, his lower right hand in varada mudra, three of his remaining hands holding var

A gilt bronze figure of avalokitesvara, Tibeto-Chinese, 18th century, finely cast, the bodhisattva depicted with eleven heads and eight arms, standing wearing flowing robes and scarf, stand, (2), 8 cm, Compare with a similar figure sold at Sotheby's Paris,