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An Australian pottery vase, by Peter Travis. Signed to base. Height 12 cm

Peter Travis (Australian, 1929-2016), two pocket vases, 1965, hand built terracotta with glazed textured detail, each signed 'Peter Travis 65', height 17.5 cm height 20 cm

Peter Travis (Australian, 1929-2016), large sphere, 1975, hand coiled and glazed stoneware in worm pattern on original cork base, artist's name and date impressed to side 'Peter Travis 1975', diameter 35 cm

A Peter Travis Studio Pottery vase, 1967, embellished with swirling carved geometric design washed with white blue and brown slip, signed to base, 23 cm wide

Australian Peter Travis sphere pottery vase, signed to base, height 13 cm

Peter Travis terracotta cat vessel hand built rubbed terracotta, tall sculptural form in the caricature form of a cat, signed base 'Peter Travis'. Condition: good to fair, minor wear, chip to the rim. Height 41 cm

Peter Travis, Square Tiles, high fired earthenware, impressed with various circular geometric designs, mounted on board, together with two other mounted terracotta tiles impressed with geometric designs. Provenance: gift of the artist, thence by descent

Peter Travis, Bud Vase, 1967, high fired earthenware with impressed geometric patterning and green glaze detail, signed and dated to base 'Peter Travis 67', together with a Peter Travis hand formed bowl on three ball feet with dark turquoise glaze, signed

Peter Travis, Tower, high fired earthenware, in the form of a two-part cylindrical tower, geometric patterning impressed to feet and base, artist's signature incised to base 'Peter Travis, height 27.5 cm, diameter 17.5 cm. Provenance: gift of the artist, t

A Peter Travis vase, hand coiled stoneware. Height 10 cm

Peter Travis (b. 1929), large charger, 1969 high fired earthenware, deep impressed and incised patterning, signed and dated to base 'Peter Travis/1969' (A/F), diameter 39 cm

Peter Travis (b. 1929), vase, 1967 high fired earthenware, geometric patterning incised on both sides, signed, dated and numbered to base 'Peter Travis/67/10'. Height 25 cm. Width 32 cm

Peter Travis (b. 1929), ceramic vessel of triangular form with with impressed geometric patterns, signed to underside 'D60, Peter Travis'. Height 21 cm

Peter Travis vase impressed each side with starburst panels & signed to the base. Length 25 cm

Peter Travis, ceramic vessel, 1965, signed inside on underside of base 'Peter Travis '65'. Height 31 cm

Peter Travis glazed stoneware vessel, signed Peter Travis '71 (Af). Height 24 cm. Length 30 cm

Peter Travis, sphere, stoneware glazed with worm pattern, height

Peter Travis, spherical pot, glazed earthware, signed 'Peter Travis' to the base height 12 cm