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Chinese copper opium pipe, decorated with immortal and calligraphy, height 30.5 cm

Antique Chinese blue & white opium pipe with metal mounts along with a coral & bone calligraphy brush (2)

A rare graduated set of nine Burmese bronze opium weights, 1 - 550 grams in the form of mythical bird, 17th-19th century, each of the graduated mythical animals are complete on a tapering square base. Provenance: The collection of a former Australian Diplo

Two south East Asian opium pipes, comprising a bamboo pipe with embossed metal mounts and green stone, and an ivory tusk pipe with embossed white metal mounts (2), length 58 cm, length 52 cm. Provenance: The Estate of Bill Lobban

A Chinese carved walking cane with conceale opium compartment, 19th century, 85 cm

A working Baitong opium candle, with chimney, a lattice gallery sits above the octagonal base with enamel inside squares, height 13 cm

Chinese silver opium box, with poetry and oriental scenes chased to the body and lid, and a plain inner locking case that slides out. approx 54.1g & 5.5 cm high, 4 cm dia, Circa 1880-1920

Oriental bone container with removable end probably used to store opium

A rare graduated set of seven Burmese bronze, opium weights, in the form of a Mon duck, 17th-19th century, cast on an octagonal base, thought to be a reliable judge of the purity or impurity of silver alloys. Provenance: Collection of a former diplomat, he

Early Oriental opium pipe of intricate design with traces of original enamel work

A rare complete graduated set of eight Burmese bronze opium weights, in the form of mythical bird, 17th-19th century, comprising the tongue and mane of a lion, the horns of a deer, the feet of an elephant, and the tail of a horse, on a tapering square base

A set of six Burmese bronze opium weights, 19th/20th century, each of the graduated animals are finely decorated. Provenance: Private Collection of a former Australian Diplomat, purchased in Burma 1970. Wt. 5 - 320 grams

A Chinese bamboo and white metal opium pipe. Length 20 cm

Graduated set 5 Burmese bronze opium weights. Rhinoceros form to each, height 3.5 cm (tallest)

A Chinese silver opium canister, cylindrical shape with screw-on lid, opening to reveal an internal cap, the lid with affixed arched handle, suspended from an unmarked chain and belt-clip. Chinese character marks to base of canister. Height 4.5 cm

A pair of Chinese porcelain opium Den Pillows, Qing Dynasty and after, 19th to 20th century, of typical brick form with coin style piercings to one end and open to the reverse, decorated in underglaze blue decoration, the older pillow with sporting lion do

Peking glass opium bottle (early 20th century), Japanese boxwood netsuke (19th century), snuff box (early 19th century), Vodka cups (2), silver cigar holder & lighter. (7 items)

A whalebone ivory mounted cedar opium pipe walking stick, 19th century, 92 cm long

Chinese bone opium pipe, with white metal fittings. Length 37 cm

Antique Burmese opium pipe the bowl in the form of a beasts head overall length 41.5 cm

Chinese silver plated opium pipe, with dragon decoration. Length 28.5 cm

Opium pipe from Cascade street, Paddington, Sydney, approx 76 cm long

Vintage Chinese ceramic and metal opium pipe painted with fisherman in riverscape signed to base 20 cm high

Chinese opium pipe, Blue and white decorated porcelain

A Chinese cloisonne and ivory mounted opium pipe decorated with various vases. Length 59 cm.

Two bone opium pipes, 19th century, 30 cm long and 22 cm high

Chinese opium pipe. Embossed dragon decoration green mouth piece and fittings. Length 50 cm