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Original Sydney Tram Destination roll. City & Eastern suburbs destinations. Commencing Bondi, circular Quay, opera house, Racecourse, University etc. Marked 'Last no 1A box.'

Melbourne Trams - Destination Blind - Melbourne - South Melbourne (Hannah St) Depot circa 1960s, with destinations including Football, Racecourse, Carnegie, Chapel St via Toorak Rd, Flinders St, Domain Rd, St Kilda Junction, St Kilda Beach, East Coburg, So

Melbourne Tram Destination Blind - Malvern Line - circa 1950s, Destinations include Football, Racecourse, Elsternwick, St Kilda Beach, St Kilda Rd, Malvern Town Hall, Chapel Street, University, Camberwell Junction, etc. Over 8 meters long.

Original Sydney tramway destination roll length 10 metres approx

'Tramways - Their Construction and Working' by Clark [London, 1878], 472pp with numerous fold-out illustrations.

Glass fronted, boxed, antique English tram wooden destination scroll display holders, box approx 29 cm high, 102 cm wide, 8 cm deep

A 9ct gold Railway & Tramway Ambulance Corps Life Member medallion. Weight 11.8g.

Hobart Tram: width 46 cm. Destination roll in very good condition. Electric trams operated in Hobart 1893-1960.

Adelaide Tram: width 50.5 cm. A little dirt but good condition. Electric trams begun operating in Adelaide in 1909 and by 1963, the only line left was to Glenelg, but for the next decade or so Glenelg trams continued to use full destination rolls like this

Sydney Trams: a white on black roll for the Eastern Suburbs. A very long roll. Width 51 cm. A little worn, no dirt. Electric trams operated in Sydney 1898-1961, with the last Eastern Suburbs tram running in 1959.

Sydney Trams: an early roll from Enfield Depot, in wide (86 cm) format. A few tears at top of roll, and dirty - will benefit from Tlc .This wide size, designed for earlier tram classes is rare!

V.R Tram (St Kilda-Brighton) rotating, circular destination sign, showing: St Kilda, Dickens St, Vaultier St, Elwood Dpt, Md Brighton, Brighton Bch. This sign was in the driver's cab to indicate the position on the destination roll. Black on painted white

Sydney Tram sign: 'Do Not Spit in the Car Penalty £2'. Embossed red on silver aluminium, 3.5 x 74 cm. Minor paint scuffing but still good condition.

S.A Railways & Tramways timetable and fares, Adelaide 1895

Ballarat Tramway Ticket: souvenir ticket no.189, for the opening of the electric system, August 18th 1905, in postcard format. 'The Electric Supply Coy. of Victoria Ltd'. Ticket used, with punched hole, soiled but fair condition. Very rare!

Original Sydney tram destination roll. Long roll of various City to Showground, Racecourse, Mascot, Maroubra, Bondi, Coogee, and La Perouse combinations. Approx 20 metres

Original Sydney tram destination roll. Long roll of various city to west routes - Balmain, Newtown, University, Earlwood and Canterbury combinations. Approx. 20 metres

Collection, mainly of samples of new style tickets issued by Vicrail, Mmtb, The Met during the 1970s & 80s, housed in 6 small albums. Also group of souvenir tickets (100+) for the inaugural Double Deck Train ride, 09-03-1992. Victoria Passes in folder form

Victoria: interesting group of railway & cable tram tickets/passes. 1) 50th Year Service Pass, 1st class, all lines, made out to Mr V.R. Holwell, to 31-12-1983, brown cloth-bound illustrated covers; 2) Metro pass, made out to N. Myres, to 01-10-1983, green

Three bus/tram destination rolls, various sizes, largest approx. 4.2 metres long (3)

An Australian Boomaroo 'Hyster' forklift, 28 cm high; a Boomaroo tram, 16 cm length; a Jone's Condamine bull frog bell and three 'Made in Japan' tinplate friction drive vintage cars, a Mobil Gas truck and a Bandai Jaguar YK-E (8)

Trams - Brisbane: Metal Bell (10 cm diameter with 37 cm long bracket & gong); leather tramway straps (2); Tram stop sign, '1a/ Hail Trams Here /1a / Hail Trams Here', 61 x 46 cm; signs (5) - including 'Exhibition' & double sided: 'Special Fare 1/1 - Specia

Trams - Melbourne: the classic small tram stop sign: 'Hail Cars Here', black on white with red to top and base, fl at with right-angled protruberance which affixes onto pole, double-sided, 530 x 33mm. Plus the iconic sign: 'Warning - Do Not Stand in Doorwa

Assorted New Zealand rail badges, with tram badges, armplates, conductor, etc.

Trams complete destination box with blind - From a Melbourne 'W' Class Tram. The winding mechanism on the box works well; electricals are complete, including two chords; 110 x 26 x 32 cm; original green paint. Contains an Essendon Depot Destination Blind.

Tram destination blind - Melbourne-Essendon depot. 101 cm wide. Good condition

Tram destination blind: Melbourne - Glenhuntly Depot, 1950s, includes Point Ormond destination. 101 cm wide. The usual wear`

Tram destination blind: Melbourne - South Melbourne (Hannah St) Depot. 101 cm wide. Good condition

Trams-Destination Blind-Melbourne-Malvern Depot; 1960s. 101 cm wide. Very good condition

Tram destination blind, Brisbane. 51 cm wide. a little wear but good condition

Tram destination blind, Sydney. a typical spectacular looking Sydney blind in black, white, red & blue. appears to be Eastern Suburbs, including names well-known outside Sydney like Bondi. 510mm width. Some staining but no scuffing. Also: a blind patch 'Br

Tramways route number box from a Melbourne 'W' Class tram. Complete with fittings, both winding mechanisms work well, painted in its original green. Box: 48 x 39 cm; whole unit: 48 x 85 x 23 cm. Very good condition.

W Class Trams 'driver Under Instruction' sign used at Hawthorn driver's Depot, black and yellow painted metal; and PTC street tram sign 'The Met. Hail Trams Here'; double-sided metal sign with yellow and green decals showing wording and silhouette of a tra

Victoria. Collection of assorted Railway and Tramway Technical Drawings. Includes parts of trains and trams, pantographs, turntables, etc. Sizes of plans varies from about 16 x 54 cm to 76 x 170 cm (most are larger sizes). Some creasing but generally good

10 various diecast vehicles. 10 various diecast vehicles, including 9 M.O.Y. Matchbox including Y-23 'c bus; Atkinson steam lorry (2); Y-27 Foden and wagon; Y-8 Yorkshire steam wagon; Y-15 Preston tram (2); Y-27 Foden lorry; Hong Kong made Grace Bros van;

A pair of vintage Melbourne tram seats, each with a hardwood rectangular curved back and slated shaped seat raised on cast iron supports, with a brass plaque inscribed 'Seat from Tram no 35 / former Victorian Railways / St Kilda-Brighton line,' 90 x 82 x 4