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1932-33 'Body-line' Tour: full page supplements to 'The News' - Don Bradman, bill Woodfull, Bert Oldfield, Tim wall, Stan McCabe, bill O'Reilly, Len Darling, Clarrie Grimmett, Leo O'Brien, Ern Bromley, '1932-3 Victorious English

1927 Australian Team (W.A.S.Oldfield's XI Tour of Malaya & Singapore), team photograph, signed on mount by team, 11 signatures - Charles Macartney, Sam Everett, Edward Adams, J.P.Sullivan, E.F.Rofe, Mick Bardsley, Herbert Gamble, bill Woodfull, Ber

1926 Australian Team, team photograph, with 16 signatures on mount or photograph - John Ellis, 'Stork' Hendry, Jack Gregory, Jack Ryder, Arthur Richardson, Sam Everett, Sydney Smith (manager), Clarrie Grimmett, Bill Woodfull, Warren Bardsley, Herbi

Bill Ponsford's Cricket Bat: Full size Cricket Bat, signed on reverse by 1924-25 Australian & English teams, and other Test cricketers to 1934, with a total of c50 signatures (some faded) including Percy Chapman, Jack Hobbs, Maurice Tate, Douglas J

1926 Australian Team, autograph pages (2) signed by 10 cricketers & manager, noted Herbie Collins (captain), Bill Woodfull, Jack Ryder (twice) & Clarrie Grimmett.

1934 Australian Team, original team photograph, signed by the entire team on mount below photograph, 19 signatures including Don Bradman, Bill Woodfull, Clarrie Grimmett & Bill Ponsford, window mounted (minor tone spots), framed & glazed, overall 5

1930 Australian Team, team photograph, with 17 signatures on the mount including Bill Woodfull, Victor Richardson, Archie Jackson & Don Bradman. laminated & framed, overall 37 x 30 cm.

1930 Australian Team, original team photograph, signed on the photograph above and below players, 15 signatures including Bill Woodfull, Victor Richardson & Don Bradman. window mounted, framed & glazed, overall 44 x 41 cm. Excellent condition, with

1930 Australian Cricket Team, large official team photograph, taken by T. Bolland, titled 'The 1930 (17th) Australian Test Team', signed to mount by the entire team, 17 signatures - W.L.Kelly (manager), Archie Jackson (scarce - he died of Tb in 1933), Tim

1934 Australian Tour to England: 'Wainwright' Cricket Bat, heavily used with split in bat, signed on front by Australian team, and on reverse by England, Nottinghamshire & Yorkshire teams, with a total of 51 signatures including Bill Woodfull, Don Bradman,

c1932-33 England 'Bodyline' Tour to Australia: Gift box of three Anona soaps, lid with cricket scene, lion & kangaroo. Impressions on face of soaps (1) 'The Score Board at Melbourne', (2) H.Sutcliffe, D.R.Jardine, W.R.Hammond, (3) W.M.Woodfull, W.A.Oldfiel

1930 Australian Tour to England, display with menu 'The Surrey County Cricket Club, Dinner to the Australian Cricket Team', with 9 signatures on reverse including Don Bradman, Archie Jackson & Bill Woodfull, window mounted with picture 'The Australian Team

Australian Test Cricket Captains: Collection in album, includes 2011 Cricket Australia 'Australian Test Cricket Captains' cards [44] with 18 personally signed (limited edition 229/700); plus collection of signatures on pieces (44) including Joe Darling, Hu

1934 Western Australia v Australian XI, autograph pages (2) with 24 signatures including Bill Woodfull, Bill Brown, Bill Ponsford & Dick Bryant, window mounted, framed & glazed, overall 30 x 25cm. Fair/Good condition.

Maurice Leyland's signed bat from 1930-34: Full size 'William Sykes - Maurice Leyland' Cricket Bat, signed by Maurice Leyland in the ownership position, signed on reverse by 1930 Australia & England teams - 27 signatures including Bill Woodfull, Don Bradma

Bill Woodfull, display comprising signature on piece, window mounted with original drawing by Chris Meadows, framed & glazed, overall 38 x 46cm. [Bill Woodfull played 35 Tests 1926-34].

1934 Australian Team, autograph page with 11 signatures (8 cricketers & 3 officials), including Bill Woodfull, Len Darling, Bill Ponsford & Stan McCabe

1934 Australian Team, postcard 'Australian Cricket Team, England, 1934' with 18 signatures on reverse including Bill Woodfull, Don Bradman, Clarrie Grimmett & Bill Ponsford.

'Australian Test Cricket Captains', display (26 x 35cm) with 27 signatures including Hugh Trumble, Clem Hill, Victor Richardson, Bill Woodfull, Don Bradman, Bill Brown, Lindsay Hassett, Richie Benaud, Ian Chappell, Mark Taylor, Steve Waugh & Ricky Ponting.

c1934 cricket badges (25mm, made by A.E.Patrick, Summer Hill, NSW) 'Australian Team' [14], comprising Barnett, Brown, Bromley, Bradman, Chipperfield, Darling, Ebeling, Fleetwood-Smith, Kippax, McCabe, O'Reilly, Ponsford, Wall & Woodfull. G/VG.

c1935-39 Autograph Book, with c49 signatures, includes Australian cricketers (16) including Don Bradman, Bill Woodfull; tennis players including Fred Perry, Adrian Quist, Jack Crawford, Nancy Wynne, Thelma Coyne & Nell Hopman.

Signed Cricket Bat: 'Sykes' Cricket Bat, match-used with 17 signatures on front, noted Lindsay Hassett, Keith Miller & Len Hutton. On reverse are a further 28 signatures that have been traced over & varnished - including Don Bradman, Victor Richardson & Bi

1934 Australian Team, autograph pages (2) with 14 signatures including Don Bradman, Bill Woodfull, Bill O'Reilly & Bill Ponsford. Also 1988 Bicentenary Test cover signed by Don Bradman & Len Hutton.

Signed Cricket Letters: 1930-31 letters from Don Bradman (2), Bill Woodfull, Bill Ponsford, Alan Fairfax, Percy Hornibrook, Bert Oldfield & Tommy Andrews. Also 'The Ashes 1936-1937. The Wrigley Souvenir Book and Scoring Records'. Fair/G condition.

Gripu Advertising Cards, each with printed heading 'Australian Test Team 1930/ Wearing (Kaylo) Gripu Trousers', and with photos - 'Don Bradman, Cutting Tate for Four'; 'W.M.Woodfull & A.Jackson'; 'A.Kippax & T.Wall'. Various sizes. Fair/VG condition. (3 it

Don Bradman's First Test Bat: Full size 'Duke & Son - Warren Bardsley' Cricket bat, signed to the reverse under the headings 1928 England and Australia - 19 signatures from the 1928-29 English team headed by Chapman, including Jardine, Tate (2), Hendren, L

1934 Australian Team, autograph page with 16 signatures including bill Woodfull, Don Bradman, Bert Oldfield, bill Ponsford & Clarrie Grimmett. Together with reprinted photograph of Australian team at Windsor Castle. Good condition

1932-33 England 'Body-line' Team, autograph page with 15 signatures including Douglas Jardine (Captain), R.E.S.Wyatt, Nawab of Pataudi (scarce) & Harold Larwood. On reverse is 1931-32 Australia with 12 signatures including Don Bradman, bill Woodfull & Clar

C1931-32 Australian Team, 'Lennons Hotel, Brisbane' letterhead with 11 signatures including bill Woodfull, Don Bradman, Jack Nitschke & Laurie Nash

1930 Australian Team, autograph pages (2) with 15 signatures including Bill Woodfull, Victor Richardson, Archie Jackson & Don Bradman. Together with reprinted team photograph. Fine condition

1924-25 Victorian Team, official team photo titled 'Victorian cricket Team, Winners Sheffield shield 1924-25', and players names on mount, noted Edgar Mayne (Captain), young bill Woodfull & Stork Hendry, size 30 x 25 cm

Don Bradman: rare copy of 'Men Only' for July 1948 with caricature of Don Bradman on front cover. Also autograph pages (2) with signatures of 5 members of 1930 Australian team laid down - Bert Oldfield, bill Woodfull, Charlie Walker, Ted A'Beckett & Percy

1934 Australian Team, autograph page with 12 signatures including bill Woodfull, Don Bradman, bill Ponsford, Bert Oldfield & Clarrie Grimmett. Fair/good condition.

1934 V.Y.Richardson's XI v W.M.Woodfull's XI (Woodfull/Ponsford Testimonial match at MCG), autograph pages (2) with 23 signatures including Victor Richardson (107), bill Woodfull (111), bill Ponsford, bill brown (102), Clarrie Grimmett, Hans Ebeling & Ben

1933-34 Victorian team, autograph page with 12 signatures including bill Woodfull (Captain), Hans Ebeling, Ern Bromley, Fleetwood-Smith, Leo O'Brien, Keith Rigg, John Scaife & Ben Barnett. good condition.

1933 the rest (v NSW at SCG - Collins/Kelleway/Andrews Testimonial), autograph page with 11 signatures including bill Woodfull (Captain), bill Ponsford, Hans Ebeling, Laurie Nash & Charlie Walker. Ex Hans Ebeling's autograph book.

1926 Australian Team: rare menu 'Australian Cricket Team, English Tour, 1926. The Cocoa Works, York. Friday June 11th', signed on reverse by 10 players & manager, noted Herbie Collins, Warren Bardsley, Tommy Andrews, bill Woodfull, Jack Ryder & Clarrie Gri

Don Bradman's bat from the 1930 5th test at the oval: full size 'Sykes - Don Bradman - World's Record' cricket bat, match-used by Don Bradman in the 1930 Fifth test at the oval, where he scored 232 runs. One of two bats used in the innings, with hand-paint

Tablecloth with embroidered Autographs: Tablecoth with 16 embroidered signatures of 1926 Australian team, including Herbie Collins, Warren Bardsley, Charlie Macartney, Johnny Taylor, bill Woodfull, Jack Ryder, Bert Oldfield & Clarrie Grimmett. Fair/good co

1920s-40s cricket books, noted 'Cricket! Its Origin and Development' published by the ABC [Sydney, 1935]; 'A History of Cricket' by Altham & Swanton [London, 1938]; 'Cricket' by bill Woodfull [London, 1936]; 'My Cricketing Life' by Don Bradman [London, 193

Australian Test Captains: Signatures on pieces - Syd Gregory, Warwick Armstrong, Warren Bardsley & Bill Woodfull. (4 items)