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Olive Jones wall plaque, entitled 'Sea Horses', incised signature, 15.5 cm diameter

Olive Jones vase, modelled with frieze of wattle in green glazes, incised signature, 17 cm height

Seven New Zealand Art and design Publications, including: Frank Carpay, Karl Fritsch, olive Jones, <i>Owner's manual</i> (Warwick Freeman and Patrick Reynolds); <i>real modern: Everyday New Zealand in the 1950's and 60'

Olive Jones, Iridescent brown, green and blue glazed vase, signed to the base, height 13 cm

Olive Jones, an unusual fish shaped plate, signed to base, length 17 cm

Olive Jones, green glazed pottery vase

Olive Jones, three green glazed pottery vases, each signed to the base

Olive Jones, rare blue glazed vase, decorated with a flowering tree design, signed to the base, height 14 cm

An Olive Jones pottery vase of beaker shape, with lathe turned decoration and green glaze effects. Impressed signature on base. Height 13 cm

A 1940 Olive Jones Maori decorated small dish, rounded square form, the rim with a stylised mythical Maori beast. Green glaze, incised full signature, 'New Zealand 1940' to reverse. Approx. 8.5 x 8.5 cm

Olive Jones, brown glazed bowl and blue glazed bowl

Olive Jones, blue/grey glazed ovoid vase

Olive Jones, blue glazed vase together with a yellow glazed vase

Briar Gardner and Olive Jones. Trough and vase, a large oval trough by Briar Gardner with multi coloured glaze. Small repair. Plus a green and brown thrown vase by olive Jones. Both with full signatures (2). Height 8 cm. Length 29 cm

Olive Jones, jug, with painted decoration together with a mottled green glaze vase

Olive Jones, jug, with unusual left side handle. Height 12 cm

Olive Jones, green glazed vase, blue glazed vase and a salt shaker

Olive Jones, green glazed squat vase, signed, height 10.5 cm

Olive Jones, stoneware dish, with koruru decoration, celadon glaze, signed and inscribed 'NZ 1940', diameter 9.5 cm

Olive Jones, burgundy vase, signed to base. Height 10 cm

Olive Jones, blue vase, with a two toned blue glaze. Signed to base. Height 12 cm

Olive Jones, vase, green glaze with a band of incised decoration. Signed to base. Height 10 cm. Diameter 10.5 cm

Olive Jones, flower frog, with green glaze. Signed to base. Height 4.5 cm. Length 10 cm

A c.1940 Olive Jones Kowhai flower decorated ashtray, square form, the top with a triangular panel of Kowhai decoration, triangular form well, green glaze with yellow highlights, incised signature to reverse. 9.3 cm x 9.5 cm

A c.1940 Olive Jones manuka blossom ashtray, square form, modelled with a panel of three white flowers and with leaf detail, turquoise glaze, incised signature to reverse. 9 cm x 8.8 cm

Olive Jones, baluster vase in blue glaze with abstract pattern in black, incised signature, 25 cm height

A good Olive Jones N.Z. Studio Pottery footed bowl, lustrous green glaze to the exterior with a brushed wax resist band of leaf design to the top rim, incised signature and '27' to base. Diameter 197, height 10.5 cm

Olive Jones, Burgundy vase, full signature to base. Height 16 cm. Diameter 15 cm

Olive Jones, blue vase, full signature to base. Height 14 cm. Diameter 13.5 cm

Olive Jones, small blue vase, full signature to base. Height 10 cm. Diameter 9 cm

Olive Jones, honey coloured glazed vase, full signature to base. Height 11 cm. Diameter 12 cm

A pair of olive Jones Pottery bookends with nude reclining lady motif and ochre glaze. Length 15 cm

olive Jones mustard/yellow Variously glazed small vase the squat body with five subtle corrugations to the straight neck. Incised signature mark. Height 10 cm. Diam.12 cm.

olive Jones blue glazed pot blue/green and mid blue glazed. Incised signature. Height 11.8 cm.

olive Jones squat circular medium bowl mottled browns glazed streaked with deep blues and greens. Incised signature, incised 'M2' mark. Diam.19 cm. Height 5.8 cm.