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Four French diecast models, including CIJ Europarc Dauphine; Punch Jaguar; Quiralu auto-scooter Messerschmitt; and Quiralu Cammionette (E-M boxes G-E) (4)

Ten various model cars, including Quiralu, Tekno and Kenna. (10)

Two Quiralu (France) models, including reproduction La Nouvelle Peugeot 403, black; and auto-Scoooter Messerschmitt, red, possible touch ups (E-M box E-M) (2)

5 Quiralu models, including Peugeot 403, two tone; Porsche Coupe, two tone; Mercedes 300sL two tone; Reissue Rolls Royce silver Cloud two tone; and one unboxed Porsche Coupe in good condition (E-M boxes VG-M) (5)

6 re-issue Quiralu models, including Simca Marley ambulance; 3 x Simca Marley; and 2 x Peugeot 403 (E-M boxes E-M) (6)

4 Quiralu re-issue Estafette Renault vans, 2 x salmon; 1 x dark blue; and 1 x light blue (E-M boxes E-M) (4)

Three Quiralu models, including Simca Marly, light grey and blue; 2 x Simca Vedette, one dark green-blue, the other two-tone black and mint green (E-M boxes G) (3)

Three Quiralu models, including Simca Marly, light grey and blue; 2 x Mercedes 300 Sl, one light grey body with dark blue roof, the other with light blue body and light grey roof (E-M boxes G) (3)

3 Quiralu re-editioned two-toned Rolls Royce 'Silver Cloud' 's (E-M boxes E-M) (3)

Collection of 2 x Quiralu Voiture a Turbine Renault L'Etoile Filante; Re-edition Quiralu Mercedes 300 Sl; and Mini Dalia scooter (VG-M boxes P-M) (4)

Three Quiralu diecast Porsche 356S, some repainting (E boxes F-G) (3)

Five Quiralu diecast Mercedes 300 SLS, some repainting (E boxes F-G) (5)

Two Quiralu Peugeot D4A Vans 'Ducretet Thomson' (VG-E boxes F-G) (2)

Three Quiralu diecast British cars, including 2 x Jaguar XK140s; and Rolls-Royce (E boxes F-G) (3)

Four Quiralu diecast cars, including 2 x Peugeot 403S; Simca Versailles; and Simca Marly (E boxes P-F) (4)

Three Quiralu diecast cars, including Renault Turbine; Vespa 400; and Isetta Velam (E boxes F-G) (3)

Reproduction JF Quiralu Jaguar Voiture grand Sport x K 140, steel blue with red interior, silver and black trim (E-M box E-M)

JF Quiralu Camionnette Peugeot D.4.A.1400K, red with yellow and dark blue 'Primagaz Butane Propane' (E box VG)

Quiralu Toytown Fire Brigade set, French, including 7 x painted aluminium firemen (2 x pulling red cart), with fire Hose, brass Nozzle detached, in original illustrated drop front display box (VG-E box G)

Quiralu Simca Vedette 55, France, steel blue/grey body, off-white roof, white tyres, spun hubs (E-M box F-G)

Quiralu Camionnette Peugeot D.4.A 'Ducretet Thomson' lime green body, white tyres, domed hubs, decals 'Radio Television Ducretet Thomson', slight rubbing (G-VG box G)

two Quiralu Berliet G.B.O. 15. Tribenne Marrel Tipper Trucks one red cab and chassis, beige detachable trailer, black rubber wheels, beige hubs, in blue and white box; one light blue with dark blue detailing, black rubber wheels, light blue hubs, believed

Rare Quiralu Berliet G.B.O 15. Tribenne Marrel Tipper truck, red cab, beige trailer with red trim, beige hubs, black knobbly tyres (E box G)

Rare Quiralu Berliet covered lorry, French, large scale model, red cab and chassis, cream back and metal hubs with red trim, green fabric tilt, in repaired illustrated white, green and blue box. Provenance: Ex lot 528, 15 November, 2003, Collectoys, France