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A fiddle thread & shell pattern silver flat Ware set for six William Chawner /, circa 1830-1836, comprising six large table spoons, six entree spoons, six entree forks, six table forks, six knives, six teaspoons, four egg spoons, sugar tongs, fish serv

George III sterling silver soup ladle, hallmarked London, 1769, John Lampfert, with crimped rim to the bowl, total weight 162 grams, length 36 cm

A Victorian silver 'Kings pattern' soup ladle by Th/Th, London 1875, of typical form, engraved initials to handle, 323 grams, 33 cm long

An unusual George III silver soup ladle by Thomas Phipps & Edward Robinson, London 1804, the eagle form handle on tapering stem to acanthus capped oval bowl, 379 grams, 36.5 cm long

A George V sterling silver fancy pattern three piece carving set, soup ladle and a sauce ladle by George Howson, Sheffield 1920

Five interesting silver spoons, Danish W & S Sorenson, German Hanau silver ladle, a Seth brown American coin silver spoon, Dutch teaspoon, unidentified soup ladle.

Sterling silver Kings pattern soup ladle, hallmarked London 1845, maker Samuel Hayne &, Dudley Cater, length 33 cm, 310grams approx

Silver soup ladle, 250grams approx, tested as silver

George III sterling silver soup ladle, in Old English pattern by George Smith & William Fearn marked London, 1792 approx 33 cm long

Sterling silver soup ladle by Richard Crosley, hallmarks for London 1805

A mid 18th century Rococo sterling silver soup ladle, with a fluted bowl and a crest to terminal marked 1769, AB, London approx 30 cm, 102g

George II Irish large sterling silver soup ladle, with a curved hook terminal, marked Dublin 1750's, AR, Dublin approx 36 cm long, 148g

George III Irish sterling silver soup ladle, with a shell-shaped bowl and bright-cut handle, crested, hallmarked Dublin 1777 (William Ward), 35 cm long, 177 grams

George III Irish sterling silver soup ladle, hallmarked Dublin 1800 (maker', s mark rubbed), 35.5 cm long, 163 grams

Victorian sterling silver soup ladle, London 1859, approx. 228gr

A Georgian sterling silver soup ladle 1808 London, by William Edwards length 32 cm, weight: 215gms

George III silver soup ladle, mark of Joseph Hicks, Exeter, 1806, hallmarked, approx. Weight 159 grams. Provenance: The Estate of Charles (Ruthven) Blackburn

Russian Imperial silver soup ladle, Moscow 1857, 84 zolotnik purity (875), 34 cm long, 300 grams approx

Danish sterling silver cutlery by Cohr comprising twelve main spoons, twelve teaspoons, twelve cake forks, four dessert spoons, three bon-bon spoons, two salt spoons, two pickle spoons, two serving spoons, a sauce ladle, soup ladle, skimming spoon & a

An Edwardian sterling silver soup ladle 1902 London, with makers mark. Length 33 cm. Weight 302gms

Georgian sterling silver soup ladle hallmarked Glasgow 1834, (G Thomson), 36 cm long approx., 230 grams approx

English hallmarked sterling silver Victorian soup ladle in the Old English fiddle pattern, monogrammed 'D'. London, 1846, maker Joseph & Albert Savory. Condition good, minor tarnishing, small dent to the rim. Length 34.5 cm. Weight 268g

A George II sterling silver Old English and Shell soup ladle with fluted bowl and engraved contemporary script initials by Thomas Devonshire & William Watkins, London 1759

An Austro-Hungarian. 800 silver soup ladle and an American sterling silver toddy ladle, 1872-1922 period, with Dianakopf mark of fineness to cinquefoil and maker's mark ?M;, circa 1895, with maker's marks for Hamilton Diesinger, a long spiral stemm

An Austro-Hungarian. 800 silver soup ladle, 1872-1922 period, Vienna, with Dianakopf mark of fineness to cinquefoil, a fiddle pattern ladle with a semi-circular bowl, engraved B.T to terminal; hallmarked underside. Silver weight 181gr. Length 32 cm

A fine heavy gauge Victorian sterling silver soup ladle, 1876 London, with maker's mark SS in rectangular cartouche. the fiddle pattern ladle with an oval bowl, the square section stem with canted edges and initialled to the terminal; hallmarked to ste

A French. 800 silver soup ladle, early 19th century, with Paris provincial mark, 800 silver provincial cockerel mark, and maker's mark 'K' with leaf in lozenge, an elegant long stemmed ladle with an arrow from drop, tapering handle to a swollen

Two silver soup ladles, 800 French and. 812 German, 1798-1809, with provincial mark, 800 silver cockerel mark, and maker's mark of V with clover in a lozenge, with a large bowl, and a ribbed and waisted terminal, early 19th century, with 13 loth mark a

A French.950 silver soup ladle 1798-1809, with cockerel, maker's mark Gg in lozenge, other marks, with a fine patina, the generous ladle of thread edge fiddle design, hallmarked underside. Silver weight 235gr. Length 33 cm

A Dutch.833 silver soup ladle 1871 with maker's mark for Kempen & Zonen. The ladle having an integral tapering curved handle with floral and patterned bright cut decoration; hallmarked underside to the stem. Silver weight 128gr. Length 25.5 cm

An Austro-Hungarian.800 soup ladle. Early 20th century, with Dianakopf 3 fineness mark and probable dog's head mark. An elegantly simple ladle, the integral tapering handle with a subtle chamfer design and rounded end; hallmarked to the bowl. Silver we

A Continental long handled silver soup ladle, circa 1915, Austro/Hungarian, with maker's mark of Jagemann. Of pleasing simple form, the bowl with a lightly beaten finish and rich patina to an integral navette shaped handle with spine and a slightly upt

A Victorian sterling silver soup ladle, 1852 London, by George Adams, Old English shell pattern, length 33.5 cm. Weight 295gms

A sterling silver soup ladle, Edinburgh, 1859 by J.W. 34 cm long.

A George III silver soup ladle, Hester Bateman / London / 1785, 34 cm long

A French.950 silver soup ladle, circa 1880s, with maker's mark for Henri Soufflot, of typical form with a threaded stem and decorated with a scrolling leaf and shell form shaped finial; hallmarked to bowl, silver weight 235gr, length 32 cm.

A sterling silver armorial soup ladle, 1890/91, Sheffield maker's mark for John Edward Bingham, Walker & Hall, the elegant ladle with an oval bowl to an Old English stem with a crest bearing a bright cut Latin inscription, Labor Ipse Voluptas (Labo

A French.950 silver soup ladle, circa 1880s, with maker's mark for E. Puiforcat, of typical form with the stem and finial decorated to both sides in a thread and shell design, hallmarked to the bowl, silver weight 225gr, length 31 cm.

A Georgian sterling silver soup ladle, 1808 London, with maker's mark, apparently Il for John Lias, a fiddle pattern spoon with an oval bowl; hallmarked to underside of terminal, silver weight 185gr, length 32.5 cm.

A Romanian Continental silver soup ladle, 1906-1926 period,.800 mark and additional quartered circular stamp, with a lovely soft patina, having a deep circular bowl with a tapering handle terminating in a point, a bright cut foliage sprig to the stem; hall