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Joustra Autocar Electrique 686 (Electric Bus-France), cream, red, black and white lithographed outer, colourfully lithographed inner with bus driver and four paper suitcases, clear moveable plastic sunroof (VG-E box F-G)

Joustra (France) 'Croix de Sud' red/cream Air France airliner in original box C.1950's (E box G)

Joustra clockwork 432 international transport lorry French, red and cream tinplate with red Lettering to sides' Transports Internationaux', driver, Battery-operated headlights, Permanent key, in illustrated box with instructions (E box F) 33 cm long

Two Joustra battery operated fire engines, (France), red lithographed outer with colourful lithographed inner, one with metal ladder to roof, one with plastic ladder to roof (VG boxes F-G) (2) 16.5 cm x 33 cm x 10 cm

French Joustra car Rapido 2009/603, friction powered tinplate bus and garage set (E box E)

Joustra unboxed tinplate grey hound' Bus 2004, later key, mechanism worked well When Tested (G)

Rare Joustra (France) Ref 808 L'Autorail Minia boxed set, with 2 x carriages, 2 x tinplate landscape scenes, 3 x rail segments and 1 x signal, missing other signal, with original internal packaging (G-VG box F-G)

Joustra (France) friction powered Dauphine 2060, red body, lithographed interior, possible repaint (E-M box P-F)

Three French tinplate cars, including FJ break Teleguide Mecanique, clockwork station wagon with Wired remote, Joustra friction powered Citroen Ami 6; and Joustra Renault Dauphine (E boxes P-G) largest 30 cm long

French Joustra clockwork tinplate maritime station No. 2015 with battery operated lighthouse, key and instructions (E box G), 13 cm high x 36 cm wide x 24 cm deep

French Joustra friction powered tinplate bus and garage set (E box F)

Two Fabrication Joustra Francais vehicles (French), clockwork; 2002 auto-Miracle, red body, key missing; and 2003 auto-Radar, light green and dark green body, key missing (G-VG boxes G) (2)

Joustra tinplate clockwork Peugeot 404 Ref. 2059 (France), sage outer with colourful lithographed inner and clear plastic Sunroof (E box F-G) 10.5 x 29.5 x 9.5 cm

Joustra (France) tin plate clock work tram, cream and green, missing key, unboxed (G)

Joustra clockwork tinplate 2004 Observation Car; and Joustra friction powered 2012 Saloon Car, both French, largest 16 cm long (V-E boxes F) (2)

Joustra Air France 'Croix Du Sud' (Southern Cross), France, 1940-70, red and yellow-cream lithographed tin with friction powered propellers that rotate when tyres are in motion, box with cello tape to one end flap (E box F-G) 12 cm x 52 cm x 60 cm

Joustra 466 auto Service Recovery Lorry, French, clockwork orange tinplate cab and body, plated parts, plastic driver, operable winch to rear, key not present, in repaired illustrated box, one flap detached (E box P) 28 cm long

Joustra 600 friction powered Air France Bus, French, blue and white tinplate, plated parts, driver, friction powered front wheels with operating windscreen wipers, 3 x card suitcases to roof, in illustrated box (E box G) 38 cm long. Provenance: Collectoys,

Joustra 472 International Transport Lorry, French, clockwork red tinplate cab with driver, detachable silver and red tinplate back with orange lettering 'International Transport', in repaired illustrated box, two flaps detached (E box P)

Joustra clockwork 432 International Transport Lorry, French, red and cream tinplate with red lettering to sides' Transports Internationaux', driver, battery operated headlights, permanent key, in illustrated box with instructions (E box F) 33 cm long. Prov

Joustra Battery operated Deauville Convertible, French, red and cream body, plated parts, driver, flag to front, in illustrated box with instructions (E box F) 29 cm long

Joustra 300EA remote control Cadillac, French, 'Gama' badged Cadillac with black tinplate body, cream roof, plated parts, colourful lithographed interior, with wired blue remote control unit, in blue, yellow and red illustrated box (E box G) 31 cm long

Joustra (France) friction powered Dauphine 2060, red body, lithographed interior (E-M box P-F)

Joustra (France) Cabriolet Peugeot 404 Electrique with driver and telephone, light grey body, lithographed interior, blue suited driver holding black telephone (VG-E box G)

Joustra (France) Taxi Peugeot 404 Electrique, sage body, lithographed interior, painted driver, Illuminating roof taxi sign (VG-E box F-G)

Rare Joustra friction powered Cabriolet 'Super' 2044 lithographed red, grey and cream body with fins, white plastic hubs and black plastic tyres, colourfully lithographed suitcases and car interior, black plastic poodle and driver with glasses and red driv

Joustra tinplate walking Penguin France, tin, wind-up mechanism is temperamental, unboxed (VG)

Joustra of France tinplate clockwork Removal van cream, red tin printed detail, blue driver, steerable front wheels, battery operated front lights, opening rear doors (G-VG box G)

Two Fabrication Joustra Francais vehicles French, clockwork, including 2004 Observation-car, blue and cream, metal spun wheels, key missing; and 2005 auto-Obstacle, yellow and brown body, silver trim, key missing (G-VG boxes G) (2)

Joustra clockwork tinplate car and Caravan French, including orange car with cream trim, plated radiator and rear bumper, grey tinplate balloon wheels; and caravan with orange lower body and roof, cream band around windows, opening rear doors, grey tinplat

Joustra friction powered car with retractable top French, light yellow tinplate body, lever operated red plastic retractable roof, driver, plated parts, registration '791bg75', in colourful illustrated box (E box G) 33 cm long

Joustra 453 clockwork tinplate van 'Europe Route' French, red body with cream trim and lettering 'Europe Route Service Rapide', battery operated headlights, opening rear door, driver, in illustrated green box (VG box F) 42 cm long

Joustra clockwork tinplate fire engine French, circa 1950s, lithographed red body with yellow tinplate ladder, shovels to sides, three firemen, two working winches, grey tinplate wheels, registration number '1951-J-67', in plain grey card box 33 cm long

Joustra Bus and garage set French, circa 1950s, including friction powered red and cream tinplate bus with plated parts including ladder to rear; and unassembled red and silver tinplate garage, in red box with nicely lift-off lid

Friction powered Ilyushin II-62 'roplane European, circa 1960s, tinplate, plastic engines, silver with blue and white 'Klm Royal Dutch Airlines' livery, registration number 'Ph-Ils 62-741'; and Joustra battery operated Concorde, French, circa 1960s, white

Joustra touring car No. 607 French, circa 1960s, large friction powered blue and red tinplate bus with plated parts, brightly printed interior, blue driver, sliding plastic sunroof, functioning plated windscreen wipers, four piece of card luggage to roof r

Air France Trans-Atlantic plane made in France by Joustra 1938. Large 4-engined plane, clockwork powered with battery operated front lamp in nose cone. Length 48 cm; 60 cm wingspan. Excellent tin printing but has two reproduction tail fins expertly placed.