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Taxidermy is the art of mounting or reproducing animals for display or study and in the past the word has been associated with large gloomy Victorian houses filled with stuffed animals. However in recent years, taxidermy has emerged from the shadows as a collecting area in its own right and in the United Kingdom there are now dealers who deal only in taxidermy. In Victorian times, taxidermists performed a valuable service, bringing wildlife into homes and allowing the inhabitants to see real birds and mammals at close quarters. They could also create trophies to provide mementoes of a good day's fishing or hunting. The value of taxidermy specimens is enhanced by the presence of an original label detailing when and where the specimen was obtained and by a trade label of the taxidermist, the most sought after being Rowland Ward of London. In assessing a taxidermied specimen, the potential buyer should carefully study the colours and brightness of the specimen, the eyes, the detail of the groundwork, style and condition of the case and the rarity of the species. Worm or insect eaten specimens, fading, and other damage substantially reduce the value of taxidermied items.
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A taxidermy pheasant, on tree branch, circa 1930. Height 50 cm x 76 cm.

A ring neck taxidermy pheasant, the rooster mounted upon a knotted wood section with plant type highlights on circular board base.

An unusual still life display of European game, the hung specimens comprising a male golden pheasant, a brown hare, a Eurasian woodcock, a male willow grouse in dark red phase & abrace of grey partridges, in a deep oval mahogany case Ht. 110 cm

Antique oval convex framed taxidermy pheasant, carved walnut frame, approx 97 cm high, 60 cm wide

A turn-of-the-century diorama, featuring pheasants in a natural setting of bark, tree branches, bracken, moss, etc., two males, a female and a chick, in glass and wood case. 80 x 28 x 80 cm

A taxidermied male peacock, the brightly coloured bird standing on a turned wood base. 112 x 70 cm

A pair of taxidermied Lady Amherst's pheasants, one seated and one standing on a piece of driftwood, the pheasants are native to South-West China. Length from tail tip to tail tip 150 cm. Height 46 cm

A taxidermied pheasant with iridescent red/bronze plumage and long tail in taxidermy mount perched on a wall mounted branch

Rare cased taxidermy birds, by James Gardner, Oxford St London (Queen Victoria's taxidermist) showing a pheasant to ground, finches, King Fisher & others, 98 cm. 56 cm

A taxidermist case containing a pheasant and various other birds. 82 cm high, 83 cm wide. 24 cm deep

A glazed taxidermy display of nine birds including kingfisher ducks quail and pheasant. Height 73 cm. Width 103 cm. Depth 49 cm

An African sand grouse, naturalistically mounted on a wooden base. Height 11 cm. Width 17 cm

A pair of oriole specimens, standing on naturalistic stand. Height 39 cm

A full mounted male peacock, standing on crescent form base, his head held high and with a long tail. Length approx. 1650. See back cover.

A display case of New Guinea birds, displayed in a naturalistic setting and comprising a greater bird of Paradise, a Raggiana Bird of Paradise, a black naped oriole and a red throated Barbet 66 cm wide, 42 cm deep, 83 cm high (4)

Taxidermy: golden Crowned pheasant (Chrysolphus pictus) stuffed and mounted on mulgawood base. In very fine condition, 99 cm total length including tail

Taxidermy: red crested pheasant stuffed and mounted on mulgawood base. In fine condition. 99 cm long

A Himalayan monal, standing on rockwork base with tail fanned, in a five glass case. Height 69 cm

An unusual display of European game, the hung specimens comprising a male golden pheasant, brown hare, Eurasian woodcock, male willow grouse in dark red phase, and a brace of grey partridges, in deep oval mahogany case. Height 110 cm

A display of bustards and grouse, standing on rockwork amid grass tufts and comprising a female Namaqua sand grouse nesting below a female and juvenile white-quilled bustard, and a rare female lesser florican. Height 75 cm

A collage of African and Asian desert and shore birds by John and Ann Burton of Gloucestershire, perched on rockwork on a sandy base, including two pied kingfishers, two adult collared pratincoles, three adult Pallas sand-grouse, two male and female spotte

Two bird displays of a ruffed grouse and a Eurasian curlew, the grouse perched on mossy base with colourful fungus and in five glass case, the curlew on grassy rockwork base in three glass case, 46 cm and. Height 52 cm

Two cased owl displays comprising a group of two barn owls and a tawny owl perched on grassy mounds and stump, and a pair of barn owls, one pinning down a finch with its talons, on grassy mound with peacock feathers, both in three glass cases, largest. Hei

An exceptional collage of Asian pheasants and partridges, displayed on naturalistic rockwork and foliage with jewel beetles, and comprising a chukar, a male western tragopan, male Himalayan monal, male Blyth's tragopan, two male koklass pheasants and male

A fine pair of adult male great argus pheasants by James Gardner of London, one displaying his vibrant plumage on grassy and stony ground, the other perched above. Height 165 cm

Two taxidermy birds, one a heron and the other a pheasant;. Height 48 cm. Height 40 cm. (2)

Two taxidermy pheasants, each mounted on naturalistic wooden plinths

A taxidermy male peacock unmounted but with a wire hold inserted to each of lower foot pads. Length 180 cm