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Taxidermy is the art of mounting or reproducing animals for display or study and in the past the word has been associated with large gloomy Victorian houses filled with stuffed animals. However in recent years, taxidermy has emerged from the shadows as a collecting area in its own right and in the United Kingdom there are now dealers who deal only in taxidermy. In Victorian times, taxidermists performed a valuable service, bringing wildlife into homes and allowing the inhabitants to see real birds and mammals at close quarters. They could also create trophies to provide mementoes of a good day's fishing or hunting. The value of taxidermy specimens is enhanced by the presence of an original label detailing when and where the specimen was obtained and by a trade label of the taxidermist, the most sought after being Rowland Ward of London. In assessing a taxidermied specimen, the potential buyer should carefully study the colours and brightness of the specimen, the eyes, the detail of the groundwork, style and condition of the case and the rarity of the species. Worm or insect eaten specimens, fading, and other damage substantially reduce the value of taxidermied items.
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A vintage taxidermy adult brown kiwi, standing on a circular ebonised plinth. Complete with display case, 46 x 43 cm

A vintage taxidermy adult brown kiwi, standing on a rectangular plinth with faux grass matting, 35 x 36 cm

A large kiwi egg specimen the egg is cream coloured with light brown flecks and most likely belongs to the North Island brown kiwi. Length 13.5 cm.

Early taxidermy kiwi. Freestanding kiwi on a wood base. Length 45 cm. Height 57 cm.

A pair of cased taxidermy kiwi birds, one with head held high, the other held down, mid-brown plumage, displayed together in a later mahogany framed and glazed case with opening door to the back. Some feather loss to back of one and paint adhered to back o

Cased kiwi, set in foliage with original case. Height 51 cm. Width 39 cm. Diameter 32 cm

A rare taxidermy white kiwi, mounted on wooden base. Height 25 cm

A vintage taxidermy kiwi, in good condition with long hairs extending from the upper beak section, mounted to a square kauri base panel. Length from tip of beak to tail 43 cm, height 35 cm

A taxidermied South Island brown kiwi, presented standing upon a small plinth base with rimu leaves, on an octagonal timber plinth base. Height 26 cm

A taxidermied North Island brown kiwi with partial albino effects to its plumage, standing with beak down on a rough sawn branch section base, the attached plaque printed with 'Wildlife Service Specimen Reg. No. 96'

A vintage taxidermy full kiwi, in kauri framed and glazed cabinet with various dried ferns, N.Z. giant land snail shells, driftwood, etc. to the base, standing with head slightly turned to the left. Case size 49 cm x 28.5 cm x 45.5 cm

A cased pair of brown Kiwis with a kiwi egg. Makers label W. Martin Nile St. Nelson, circa 1900 some fading and wear to the case. Height 57 cm. Width 660. Depth 34 cm

An early Colonial taxidermy case of New Zealand birds consisting of a brown kiwi kakapo kakariki and tui, the case of birds is ex collection of George Abercrombie Curator of the Auckland Acclimatisation Society founded in 1861 and dissolved with the conten

A good taxidermy fully mounted kiwi, standing with head turned to the right and beak raised to the horizontal, mounted on a circular wooden plaque with a thumb moulded edge. Height 29 cm. Length 47 cm

Taxidermied kiwi, adult kiwi from Rotorua District. Mounted on a wooden base. Much loved family pet of Dr Bertram, named Kahu

A taxidermied kiwi, mounted on a plain wooden block. Height on board 32 cm. Width from beak to back 54 cm.

Pair of Huia and kiwi cased, with both male and female Huia perched on branches and a North Island brown kiwi. Height 50 cm. Width 70 cm. Depth 38 cm

A southern brown kiwi, standing on a mossy base amid grass, leaves and a pebble, in architectural mahogany three glass case. Height 50 cm

An adult female little spotted kiwi, standing on rockwork with tufts of grass, in five glass case. Height 48 cm

A part albino northern brown kiwi by Rowland Ward, standing on mossy base with rockwork to one side, in four glass display. Height 61 cm

A trio of Antipodean birds, comprising a rare kakapo on rockwork, a rainbow lorikeet on a twig perch and a lesser spotted kiwi foraging on the ground, in an architectural three glass case. Height 183 cm

Two kiwi displays, comprising an adult northern brown kiwi on raised mossy mound and in architectural mahogany three glass case, and a pale morph of an adult lesser spotted kiwi on a grassy undulating base and in a five glass case

A foraging pair of brown kiwis, on twig-strewn undulating base, in a square mahogany case on stand. Height 155 cm

A family of three little spotted kiwis, standing above their nest hole, in a square mahogany framed five glass case on stand. Height 144 cm

Taxidermy kiwi specimen, North Island species. In good condition. Height 25 cm.

A good mounted large kiwi bird, mounted on a rimu base. Height 34 cm. Length 48 cm.

An excellent condition mounted large kiwi bird mounted on a weathered timber segment. Height 43.5 cm. Length 52 cm

A small kiwi bird in excellent condition, mounted on a rectangular wood plinth. Height 33 cm. Length 29 cm

New Zealand Colonial glazed diorama of two brown kiwis, North Island complete with egg and mounted on naturalistic base