Learn about Candelabra

A candelabra is a multi-branched candelstick for use on a large table. In addition to the central stem, they may have between two and six branches. Long ago made redundant through electrification, their purpose these days is decorative. They were sometimes made in sets of two or more., although very few sets have survived. Most commonly they were made in silver and silver plate from the mid 17th century, but other materials used were ceramic and pewter. Silver candelabra often had a flame shaped finial that fitted in each candle socket when the candlelabra was not in use. As an aid to cleaning, the ornate arms are often removeable. The plural of candelabra is either candelabra or candelabrum
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A pair of early 20th century ivory and Bakelite column candlesticks, the amber toned, turned Bakelite nozzles on plain tapered long columns with single knop to the stepped rectangular spreading bases. Height 23 cm

Pair of Sri Lankan ivory and ebony candlesticks, late 19th century/ early 20th century, bronze mounted (2), height 25.5 cm

A pair of Victorian gilt metal and inlaid ivory candlesticks; 11 cm high

Pair Edwardian silver plate & stained ivory tusk candlesticks on engraved and beaded square bases by Rodgers 37.5 cm height

A small pair of ebony and ivory candlesticks, Anglo-Indian, 19th century, 10 cm high

A rare and exceptional pair of ivory and silver plate candlesticks, circa 1900; with maker's mark Joseph Rodgers & Sons Sheffield, pattern 2821, with generous floriform fluted dishes supported on ivory stems in their natural curved state and upon a stepped

A pair of ivory and walnut twin branch candlesticks, French Colonial, circa 1930. 31 cm high

A pair of Edwardian gilt silver-plate and ivory candlesticks, Joseph Rodgers and Sons, Sheffield, early 20th century, each in the form of Corinthian columns with a fluted ivory shaft on a wide stepped foot, impressed marks underside including number 1757Ñ.

Pair of turned ivory candlesticks. Height 10.5 cm

A large 19th century Dieppe carved ivory candlestick in the form of a lyre, raised on a shaped rectangular base with bands of laurel leaves, bell flowers and beading rising to the lyre with beaded and leaf decorated supports (nozzle absent). Height 42 cm

Sowerbys Queens Ware ivory candlestick decorated with alternating daisies and thistles. Registration mark (1878). Height 16.5 cm

Pair of ebony and ivory candlesticks, c1900. Height 30 cm