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Alfredo Barbini (1912 - 2007) was a Italian master glassmaker. Born into a family who had been glassmakers for generations, he began in the trade in his early teens. After completing his apprenticeship and becoming a master glassblower, he worked for a number of the major Venetian glassworks, and in 1946 he became art director of Gino Cenedese & C. In 1950 he opened a glassworks in his own name which continued until his death in 2007.
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Alfredo Barbini Murano aquarium bowl with fish motif, coloured glass, Italy, c1960s, 7 cm high, 23 cm deep

Alfredo Barbini Murano glass vessel for Cenedese, Sommerso olive tones, Italy, c. 1960s

Attributed to Alfredo Barbini (Italian, 1912-2007), two glass block sculptures, c. 1960, clear glass with internal pipe motifs in black and gold (2), height 16 cm, width 14 cm, depth 4.5 cm

A Cenedese glass aquarium designed by Alfredo Barbini, Italian, circa 1948. 13 cm high

Alfredo Barbini (Italian, 1912-2007). Roses in ice Murano glass sculpture, signed to base 'A. Barbini'

Attributed to Alfredo Barbini (born 1912), vase circa 1950, cased glass, bullicante 39 cm width

Attributed to Alfredo Barbini (born 1912), lidded dish circa 1950 cased glass, bullicante and gold leaf inclusions partial label present 20 cm high

Attributed to Alfredo Barbini (born 1912), an aquarium block manufactured by Cenedese & Co, Italy, c.1950 glass, 19 cm height

Murano glass figural sculpture, mid 20th century, manufactured Italy, attributed to Alfredo Barbini, 'Scavo Technique' design. Height 49 cm

Murano Barbini glass fruit bookends. Clear with seeded gold and red interiors. Short one cm hole drilled to body of both. Aventurine inclusions to leaves. Height 16 cm (pear)

Murano Barbini glass fruit bookends. Pale blue with aqua interiors and aventurine leaves. Height 18 cm (pear)

Murano Art Glass squid, marked to base A. Barbini