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Carl McConnell bottle shape stone ware vase with a transparent glaze over a freely applied white slip and iron oxide underglaze that leaves much of the light stoneware body exposed. Impressed mark to base. Height 30 cm

Carl McConnell. Stoneware strap handled jug. Khaki & rust glaze; with impressed thistle to heel. Also, porcelain vase, with brushed, wiped iron glaze; & impressed thistle and personal mark in Japanese. Heights 14 cm and 10 cm

Carl McConnell, plate, decorated with glazed leaf motif, potter's stamp to underside 'Pp' (Pinjarrra Pottery). Diameter 18 cm

Carl McConnell, lidded salad dressing jug 1960's. Along with Milton Moon was one of the major first generation stoneware potters Rep: NAG, AGNSW, NGV, QAG & Powerhouse

Phillip McConnell, set of two fluted celadon dishes, with carved floral pattern, impressed artist's seal to base, 15 cm diameter

Phillip McConnell, fluted celadon bowl, carved flower and branch design, impressed artist's seal to base, 18 cm diameter x 6 cm high

Phillip McConnell, large wide-necked stoneware bottle, carved floral decoration within four panels, crackled celadon glaze, with cedar box, impressed artist's seal to base, 8 cm diameter x 14 cm high