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Two Cbg Mignot (France) boxed soldiers, including 0206 Mousquetaire Louis XIII; and 76 Highlanders (M boxes E-M) (2)

Two C.G.B. Mignot (France) boxed models (E-M boxes E) (2)

Collection of unboxed figures from various makers, including Britains; Timpo; Mignot; Ducal and others, A/F ( 80+)

Rare CBG (France) Mignot French Air Show display, French, circa 1920, impressive diorama in display box with printed background and drop-Down side revealing 3 x tinplate World War I Era French military Aeroplanes, 20 x hand painted cast metal figures style

Rare Cgb Mignot (France) boxed lead soldiers, including Ref.73A; and Cav.6 Hussards Roumains (E-M boxes E-M) (2)

Rare Cgb Mignot (France) boxed lead soldiers, including Ref. 21 Garde Suisse Louis XV; 118A Voltigeurs Fusiliers; and Ref.0046 Chasseurs (M boxes VG-M) (3)

CBG (France) 98 Infantry Japonaise, 12 x figures (M box E-M)

CBG (France) 62 Turcos, 12 x figures with internal packaging (M box E-M)