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At night Victorians usually hung their pocket watches on special stands. Because the face was raised and visible, this had the effect of converting the pocket watch into a clock. Watch holders were made of many materials, including wood, china, metal, and bone, and some were of such an elaborate design that the watch itself was almost lost. The Staffordshire factories made a variety of holders in bright colours and odd shapes. A development of these was the larger stand which had a recess for a small clock with a watch like face. They might be in the form of a castle gatehouse, with a recess above the gateway, or of a milkmaid with one arm bent to form the recess. Watch stands were supersed in the 1920's by the increasing popularity of wristwatches.
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A Tartanwear watch stand and two circular dishes, Scottish, circa 1880, the watchstand labelled McBeth 9 cm long, the dish labeleld McPherson 12 cm diameter and the smaller flowerhead pin dish labelled McIntosh 8.5 cm

An antique gilt bronze and champleve enamel watch stand, late 19th century, probably French, the porte-montre shaped as a lyre, with red, blue and teal enamel highlighted with lemon and white, having a small hook for a pocket watch, and raised on a upon sh

English hallmarked sterling silver watch holder with Goliath watch with an eight day movement, engraved 'R 1889-1914' Birmingham, 1911, maker Synyer & Beddoes condition fair, minor scratches, crack to the glass, needs a service. Dimensions 10 x 10 cm

Two antique novelty fob watch stands one of cast brass in the form of an anchor; the other constructed from turned wood, the largest 15.5 cm high

Two antique cast metal novelty fob watch stands the largest 21.5 cm high

An antique ebony fob watch stand, and two other stands together with a turned wood stand and an electroplate stand, the ebony stand 13.5 cm high

A fine Napoleon III silvered and silver gilt pocket watch stand, French, 19th century, inset with an oval miniature and surmounted by a swan, 18 cm high

Antique French bronzed metal retriever dog pocket watch holder with old French silvered pocket watch, on a marble base. Length overall 22 cm

A good Edwardian Sheraton Revival pocket watch stand as a long case clock, hinged lid revealing velvet lined holder with open face, fan inlays, satinwood and ebony stringing, the back in same polish. 11 x 6.2 x 34.3 cm

Antique French bronzed metal large German shepherd dog pocket watch holder on marble base with silver engraved French pocket watch

An unusual Continental ormolu watch stand, late 19th/early 20th century, of shaped dish form, the raised back with a hook and cast with various agricultural tool and objects, including a basket, spade, scythe, and sickles, above the base cast with insects,

A cast metal and marble presse papier, probably late 19th century French, the rectangular veined green marble base mounted with a cast metal handle in the form of intertwined addorsed fantastic serpents, later fitted with a small hook as a watch-stand. Hei

A 19th century English porcelain watch stand, Roccoco style with floral decoration, height 14.5 cm