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Don Thornley, large shino glaze stoneware vase, impressed mark. Height 35 cm

Don Thornley. Lidded stoneware crock with ash glaze impressed initials to the base. Height 32 cm

Don Thornley, pair of lidded stoneware jars, with shino glaze, impressed marks

Don Thornley, Shino glaze pedestal bowl, together with a small vase

Don Thornley, stoneware coffee pot, together with a milk jug and sugar basin

Don Thornley, stoneware pouring jug, impressed potter's cypher. Height 18 cm

Don Thornley (attributed), stoneware floor vase. Height 40 cm

Don Thornley, (attributed) stoneware dish with rolled lip, ash and tenmoku glaze. Length 27 cm

Don Thornley, stoneware vase ash glaze with painted gestural decoration. Height 27 cm

Don Thornley, stoneware vase with shino glaze. Height 31 cm.

Don Thornley, round and slab construction orange and green decoration signed 1970's. Height 22 cm.

Don Thornley. Vase, stoneware with mottled brown glaze and rolled neck. Impressed mark. Height 35 cm

Don Thornley. Discoid vase, stoneware with an oatmeal glaze and rolled neck. Impressed mark. Height 16 cm. Diameter 23 cm

Don Thornley. Jug and flask, two stoneware items including a jug and a flask(2). Height 28 cm. Diameter 19 cm

Don Thornley, two stoneware bowls

Don Thornley, stoneware vase, of rectangular form, shino crackle glaze together with a lidded stoneware jar, height 30 cm

Don Thornley, vase, loosely thrown with a shino glaze. Impressed mark. Height 22 cm

Don Thornley, ewer, shino glazed pouring vessel along with a small bud vase. Both impressed mark (2). Height 22 cm. (largest)

Don Thornley, large shino glazed floor vase with rolled neck and gestural decoration. Impressed mark 41 cm height

Don Thornley, stoneware flagon, shino glaze. Cipher mark to base of handle. Complete with cork stopper. Height 21 cm

Don Thornley, stoneware jug with tenmoku glaze. Height 13 cm