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A vintage Japanese silk Kimono, mid 20th century. in navy, with chrysanthemum, sprigs of prunus blossom and bird decoration the back and sleeves

A Japanese sterling silver geisha tea caddy spoon, Showa period, after 1928, the finely chased spoon cast as a geisha in a floral kimono, the terminal in the form of her shamisen, her open parasol serving as the bowl of the spoon; marked sterling underside

Japanese wedding Uchikake kimono in a heavy white satin with embroidered cranes, 183 cm high approx

A silk Kimono. Showa period, circa 1970s, in magenta and lined in red silk, profusely embroidered in white and silver metallic thread depicting a peacock and chrysanthemum flowers, with flaring leaves bearing peacock eyes. Length 185 cm.

A Japanese wedding kimono, quilted and embroidered with gold and silver, lined in red

A cream silk kimono decorated with stylised chrysanthemum, outlined in gold thread

A Japanese olive green kimono lined with cream lining and printed with fan and chrysanthemum decoration, outlined in gold thread, with mon

A Japanese red silk lined black kimono with printed and embroidered stylised garden scene with cranes, with mon

A black kimono, lined with brown embossed silk taffeta lining, with mon

A Japanese Kimono of bright polychrome pattern on light fabric 150 cm long

Japanese handmade and hand embroidered black Kimono with plain black Obi. Heavily decorated on reverse with silk flowers and butterflies, obi plain with tassled edge. Repatriated to NZ by bill simpson, a member of J-Force

Embroidered Japanese Kimono on and ebonized stand. 180 cm high, 132 cm wide

A vintage Japanese export kimono and matching fringed sash ombre shaded and hand embroidered

A Japanese kimono, the kimono of black waffle weave silk with a woven bamboo pattern in cinnamon, back length 152 cm

A Japanese kimono, the kimono of dark violet silk with a woven ikat pattern of floral motifs, back length 152 cm

A Japanese Iro-Uchikake, the wedding kimono in red jaquard silk heavily embroidered in metallic threads depicting fans wih cranes and floral motifs, trimmed with a padded hem, 173 cm long

A Japanese Iro-Uchikake, the wedding kimono of cream textured silk with elaborate self coloured embroidery displaying cranes and cherry blossoms, trimmed with a padded hem, 172 cm long

A Japanese kimono, the kimono of cream and peach ombre silk with floral printed motifs and metallic details, back length 150 cm

A Japanese kimono, the kimono of pale pink silk with a subtle print of patterned butterflys, back length 158 cm

A Japanese kimono, the kimono of mint green silk with applied metallic foil prints and embroidered details, back length 155 cm

19th century Japanese Shinto priests silk Kimono width 195 cm. Height 140 cm

Rare Japanese futon Kimono (yogi) decorated with a crossed feather mon and with cranes and pine trees in black and indigo width 140mm. Height 152mm

A Japanese Kimono, the black silk kimono with classical print of flower garden and cranes to front, back length 147 cm.

Silk Kimono and Wicker Kimono Stand, Full dress weighted bottom, white on white silk flower pattern with silver fabric lining. On full Kimono stand

Japanese silk kimono and sash. Patterned cream silk embroidered with bamboo motif and gold thread highlights. Orange trim and lining