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A large seated bronze Ganesha with splashes of gilt, India, 19th century or earlier, large wrinkled ears framing a benevolent face below an elaborate headdress, jewels adorn his body & a cobra belt around his ample tummy, holding his broken tusk in his

A standing bronze Buddha, Ayutthaya period, Thailand, 18th century, a fine example of the Ayutthaya style Buddha with a serene face and standing in samabhanga, his right hand in abhayamudra and his left pendent along the left side of his body, floating awa

A sandstone torso of a female deity Khmer, Pre Rup style, 10th century, the naked upper body with the folds of the skin incised and carved with a belly button and nipples, wearing a pleated sampot secured by a wide belt visible on the reverse and folded ov

Good oriental silver (900) articulated belt, weight: approx 130 grams

A Chinese silver and mother-of-pearl inlay belt. Length 64.5 cm. One extra link.

A very large Khmer sandstone sculpture of Vishnu, Baphuon style, 11th century, the four-armed deity standing supremely in a long finely detailed sampot with a fishtail sash at the back, secured by a low slung belt, the face with downcast eyes beneath a fin

Oriental silver belt. Nine rectangular sections with bells suspended. Possibly Tibetan. Length 71 cm

Two Japanese inro & netsuke, [2], 1] Edo Biwa zu Makie Inro and signed Netsuke, Edo period, c. 1750-1850, Biwa zu (four-stringed Japanese lute) and reverse with mother of pearl inlay on a background, Technique: Kuro Urushinuri Raden Morimakie, Netsuke: (wo

An old Japanese carved ivory okimono of a farmer, dressed in traditional robes, he holds a fan to his right hand, a gourd tied to his belt, raised on a small tusk section, signed to the base. Height 13 cm

A Chinese silver opium canister, cylindrical shape with screw-on lid, opening to reveal an internal cap, the lid with affixed arched handle, suspended from an unmarked chain and belt-clip. Chinese character marks to base of canister. Height 4.5 cm

Silver belt of Indian origin (weighing approx 60 gms), belt clasp screws anti-clockwise to open

A Khmer, sandstone male torso of a male deity, Ankor Wat Period, 12th century, wearing a belt and long dhoti, metal mounted stand, 33 cm high. Provenance: Shanghai art, Singapore, 1980's

A Chinese glazed pottery horse and groom, Ming Dynasty the sancai glazed horse with impressed design on saddle & saddle cloth the mane & stirrups picked out in black, the groom with green glazed robe, black belt and boots. Provenance: A former Australian d

'Sam Brown' officers belt Australian made, together with a silver plated hip flask. Sam Brown was a British cavalry office and Indian Mutiny hero. When his left arm was severed in battle he could not draw his sword, as on a charging horse you needed one ha

A pair of fine vintage Indian carved ivory figures of a Maharajah and Maharani, both finely detailed in traditional dress, a dog headed sword to his hand and belt, he holds floral stems to his right with a bird perched upon formal headdress, both raised on

A russet jade belt decoration a smoothly carved arch form belt clip, with seal to base, 8 cm wide. Provenance: Private Collection Sydney. Purchased in Canton in the 1969

A Chinese ceramic horse and Groom Ming Dynasty, sancai glaze, the horse with flower decoration to body, the Groom with green glaze robe, black belt and shoes. Provenance: From the private collection of an Australian diplomat, purchased in 1994, with origin

A Chinese gold belt, comprising sixteen pierced filigree discs and a central connecting panel depicting scenes of a dragon and phoenix, signed and stamped 22ct gold, total length 910mm

An unusual celadon jade belt fitting Qing dynasty, 19th century, carved on one side in the form of two pomegranates, with a boy climbing over the top, holding on to the leafy branch between the two fruit, the slightly concave reverse with two circular flat

A good vintage ocelot full length lady's coat, comprising multiple pelts, silk lined, wide tapered collar, complete with original belt. In good condition

Good vintage Burmese silver belt, approx 350 grams, 80 cm in length

19th century Chinese silver belt comprised of silver discs with Chinese characters and dragon motifs. Marked. 90 silver. Length 82 cm. Weight 159g. note: We understand from the vendor that in 1860-1890 a Royal Navy Officer and family member, Captain Tilly,

Tibetan coral and turquoise belt. Also comprised of shells and black beads

A Chinese export silver belt marked 0.900, circa 1900, with cast circular links alternatively depicting a dragon and a tiger 75 cm length 250gms

Tibetan turquoise and coral ceremonial belt, length 61 cm

An ivory figural group, 19th/20th century, of a sage seated on a crouching lion, holding up a scroll showing a censer from which clouds rise supporting two small boys, one holding a turtle, the other a large hat, wood stand; together with a sectional ivory

A Chinese white jade belt toggle, 20th century, the rectangular body with circular ends adorned with a resting dragon and bats to the opposite sides. Height 2 cm. Length 6 cm

A Japanese carved Katsura and ivory toggle. Meiji period (1868-1912), the round carved lidded container decorated with an ivory snake interwoven through the body suspended by string from a naturalistically carved belt attachment adorned with a snail, butte

North East Indian Headtaker's Belt, of bone, polychrome glass beads, woven cloth and copper alloy ornaments, Nagaland, 71 x 80 cm

North East Indian Headtaker's Belt, of bone, bark fibre, polychrome glass beads, woven cloth and copper alloy ornaments, Nagaland, 85 x 60 cm

An Indian ceremonial belt the 22ct gold belt depicting Shiva weighing 266.0gms

A Chinese 'Jade' carved belt toggle on shaped wood stand, the toggle carved in the shape of a dragon. Length 8 cm. Width 2 cm

A Splendid Laos temple Buddha, 19th century, of teak sculpted in tall slender lithe form, standing above a short pedestal, the fine featured visage with down cast half closed eyes, his body draped in a diaphanous sanghati with centre pleat secured with a b