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A Chinese bronze ink box, Qing Dynasty, late 19th century, the circular box with lid well engraved and inlaid with silver and other metals in low relief and depicting an elderly bearded man buffeted by the breeze in a pine tree landscape, height 5 cm, diam

A Inkstone, with calligraphy: a Poem by Famous Tang Poet Li Bai, condition: broken on the base, length 20 cm

Vintage Chinese ink stone, with carved dragon motif to lid, diameter 10.5 cm approx

Twelve Chinese Zodiac ink stones, in original box, each stone is 7.5 x 3 cm

Modern boxed Calligraphers ink tablet cover moulded as tree trunk

A Japanese black lacquer Suzuribako, Meiji period (1868-1912), a figure of a scholar on the cover, in gold, silver and porcelain, original metal inkstone and gilt water dropper, four character inscription under the base, 18.2 cm wide, 22 cm deep, original

A Chinese blue and white porcelain 'ink stone', Kangxi period (1662-1722), decorated with a phoenix and dragon, the raised grinding surface worn smooth, a twin fish motif on the base, 10.5 cm diameter

Early Chinese brass calligraphy set and contents, with side opening and ink well to front, width 21 cm approx

Chinese carved & gilded Inkstone decorated with dragons, central inscription & Qianlong mark to side, 19 cm height

Cartier carved crystal ink well, with rock crystal cover and gold and platinum trim in original box, signed Cartier Paris

A Chinese lacquer box with 4 ink stones, the box depicting figures next to a river, with four, ink stones inscribed with Chinese characters, box length 33.5 cm, $600, 1000, decorative arts

A carved inkstone bottle, the ink moulded in the form of a flask with designs of Buddhist figures to either side surrounded by numerous seal marks. Height 18.5 cm

A Chinese ovoid ink stone in wooden case, with carved & gilt characters to stone & lid, L. 21 cm

A large Chinese inkstone, Qing dynasty (1644-1912), finely carved Chinese dragon and cloud, 33 cm x 28 cm. Provenance: Private Collection, Melbourne

Early Japanese cloisonne ink well with pottery liner, 7.5 cm high approx

A Chinese boxed Inkstone, the shaped duan stone of typical deep aubergine tones with a shallow well and incised script in a fitted box with incised script and seals to the face. Length 21.5 cm. Width 15.5 cm

Anonymous, Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), a Chinese painted scroll depicting the Tang Poet Li Bai, signed BADA Shanren (1626 -, after 1705), after Zhu Da, ink and colour on paper, framed, illustrating the famed Tang poet Li Bai (701-762), who raises his ink bru

Vintage Chinese dragon carved ink stone 24 cm x 15 cm approx

A large Chinese Inkstone. The aubergine toned duan stone of freeform shape decorated with carved and engraved cicadas holding coins and auspicious bats, the well in the form of a peach; seal underside. Length 28 cm. Width 34 cm

A large Chinese Inkstone, in near black softstone, well carved and pierced, the central shallow well surrounded by writhing dragons chasing a flaming pearl. Height 25 cm. Width 29 cm

Early Japanese cloisonne ink well, with pottery liner, 7.5 cm high approx

A Chinese Inkstone in a fitted hardwood box, in deep rich aubergine tones, the shaped stone resembling the same fruit, having a shallow well and incised script, the fitted covered box with script and seals to the lid, length 26.5 cm. Width 13.5 cm

A Chinese Inkstone in a fitted hardwood box, the shaped aubergine duan stone with a shallow well and inscribed script, within a lidded hardwood box of conforming shape and colour with various seals and script to the lid, length 21.5 cm. Width 15 cm

A Meiji period black lacquer writing box, inside well used inkstone and copper water dropper, on lid three family mon crests, inside two pine trees, 22.5 x 14 cm

A well Used Inkstone with wooden cover, sides carved, 19.5 x 12.5 cm

A Chinese Duan Inkstone, Republic Era, early to mid 20th century, a circular stone in black purple tones with a channel to the perimeter enclosed in a cushion shaped flat topped box with a patterned border in low relief and a central Chinese character mean

A Chinese Calligraphers ink stone, decorated with character marks and with fitted hardwood box. Length 23.5 cm

A Chinese carved 'bat' ink-stone with cover, Attributed to Zhang Huiyan, incised mark to the base 11 cm W, 3 cm high, 16 cm deep

Antique Chinese carved rosewood ink stone box with bat decoration, 23.5 cm x 17 cm, 4.5 cm high approx

A Chinese Duan Inkstone, Qing Dynasty, probably 19th century, the rectangular stone in aubergine brown tones with a small ink grinding reservoir revealing rings of green coloured stone and accompanied by calligraphic script to the upper section, in a fitte

A Chinese carved inkstone in the form of a pond with money frog and lilies inscribed underneath. Width 24 cm.

A carved inkstone of circular form, the smooth palette carved at one end with a dragon among clouds above the recessed ink-pool, the underside with two bats conjuring a shou medallion 14.5 cm diameter

A Chinese porcelain Inkstone and a brush pot, a shaped white glazed inkstone decorated with bats in low relief, and a cylindrical brush pot with an underglaze blue wave pattern throughout with a slip applied flame breathing dragon and fish in a white glaze

Meiji period carved ivory figure Calligrapher with boy holding ink stone signed to base, measures 13 cm height

Chinese blue and white porcelain inkstone, measures 20.5 cm x 13 cm

Canton enamel ink box and cover, decorated with a lady in a landscape, four-character Qianlong mark but probably later. Diameter 55 cm.

A Chinese dragon ink block with dragon decoration and unidentified seal mark. Height 15.7 cm. Width 5 cm. Depth 2 cm