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A Clyne Farquharson crystal vase, beaker form cut with a design of leafy tendrils. Height 20 cm

A Clyne Farquharson cut crystal decanter, conical shape cut with a design of leafy tendrils, along with two similar liqueur glasses.

A Clyne Farquharson design for Walsh cut crystal vase, 'leaf' vine pattern repeating to body, open tapered beaker type form, engraved signature and acid etched factory marks to base. Height 20 cm

Four Clyne Farquharson stem glasses, all with typical wheel cut decoration, signed. Height approx. 14 cm

Eight rare Clyne Farquharson crystal glasses with leaf and ribbon cut decoration, facet stems and circular feet. Engraved signatures. Heights vary from 140-150

A William Clyne Farquharson (1902-1972) clear glass vase designed for John Walsh Ltd, c.1936 of slightly swelling tapering form, deeply cut with a lattice of ellipses within an engraved chain link line pattern, engraved signature under the base. Slight fri

A Clyne Farquharson large cut crystal vase of wide tapered form, the angular repeating leaf design with engraved slalom repeating engraved lines, engraved signature to base. Diameter 197, height 19 cm