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Two sets of opium scales, with carved elephant decoration, 15.5 cm long

Set of antique timber and ivory opium scales, together with two Chinese timber stands, timber abacus, and wood print block

Opium scales boxed in a beautifully carved wood of fleur de lys and poppy, approx 3 cm high, 31 cm wide, 10 cm deep

An antique opium pipe with jade tip (5) together with three graduated opium scales and an opium box, pipe on stand. Provenance: certificate of Authenticity

A set of Chinese banjo opium/gold scales in the rarer club shaped case

A set of Chinese banjo opium/gold scales in the rare club shaped case

A set of Chinese 'Banjo' scales, 45 cm long, ex Ballarat, Montrose cottage collection, the Chinese miners brought with them many things, amongst them these unusual scales, which would have been used for weighing herbs and such (and most probably opium). He

A very rare set of Chinese 'Banjo Scales', with raised dots forming Chinese characters representing a sort of Manufacturers mark, the Chinese brought scales with them which had usually been previously used to weigh spices, herbs and/or opium, and were most