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A set of collapsible gold scales in travelling box by 'W.T Avery' with Troy brass cup weights, mid 19th century, 46 cm high

Banker's gold scales, brass and cast iron, by Avery of London, mid 19th century, 115 cm

Chinese pocket banjo gold scales, mid 19th century, 33 cm

Gold buyer's scales and assorted weights, circa 1850, Unusual small size, 38 cm

Scales and weights, group comprising boxed weights (2), Avery pocket sovereign scales, glass hanging scales, portable gold scales and boxed set of scales, 19th and 20th century

Gold scales resting on timber drawer with cup weights, Troy weights and lozenge weights, 19th century (chains and cord replaced). 43 cm

A set of German GPW gold weighing scales, made by Gottinger Prazisionswagen Fabrik for H.B. Selby & Co Pty Ltd, Melbourne and Sydney, specialist importers and manufacturers of scientific instruments 1930s-1983, the precision brass balance scales housed in

Bankers gold scales by W.& T. Avery of Birmingham with accompanying weights, 19th century. 67 cm high

Pocket gold scales in timber case with weights, mid 19th century.

Freeman & Sons Lednhall St. London gold scales in oak box circa 1752-62. Used for checking the weight of gold coins, Guinea, 1/2 Guinea, Moidore, 1/2 Moidore & 5 weights in pounds, shillings & pence.

Deed box, antique hand held gold dust scales and ornate metal clamp. (3 items)

Gold scales: large 2 pan balance by W & T Avery on wooden stand, mid 19th century

Antique wood and brass gold scales measure 32.2 x 30 cm high

Gold Scales: Australian cedar 1 drawer base with brass balance top, mid 19th century. Height 59 cm, width 47 cm, 24 cm

Gold scales and assorted weights in timber box, mid 19th century

Miner's Companion: Mid 19th century gold scales in red leather fitted case with embossed gilt lettering. Width 18.5 cm, depth 10.5 cm, height 4 cm

Two various gold scales, with part sets of antique bucket weights.

Cased gold scales, includes six weights

A very rare personal hand held gold scale (c1860) in the original tin box with 9 pennyweight & gram weights. Original green material liner to box. Complete down to the original feather ends on the scale

A set of Chinese banjo opium/gold scales in the rarer club shaped case

A small set of gold scales in oval tin case. Ballarat area. 19th century. Case 12cm long

A simple 19th century set of gold scales with blacksmith's forged iron stand with brass and copper balance

A large set of mid 19th century gold buyer's scales in mahogony case

A large sized set of mid 19th century mahogony cased gold buyer's scales and approx 6 weights

A mid 19th century set of mahogeny cased gold buyer's scales

An oak cased set of 'stand and balance' miner's gold scales, mid-19th century

A superb set of mahogany cased miner's gold scales with the label of W&T Avery. Quality steel balance and brass pans with approx. 5 weights

A 19th century set of miner's gold scales and approx.15 weights

A set of Chinese banjo opium/gold scales in the rare club shaped case

Set of portable gold miners scales, mid to late 19th century, brass and oak case, stamped, WandT Avery, patent, late T. Beach, collapsible mechanism with weights. Height 35 cm. Length 29 cm

A good looking set of 19th century goldfields Avery brass desk top scales. Originally made in th U.K. to be Sovereign weighing bank scales, they were so useful and accurate that they soon found their way to the Australian goldfields to deal with the masses