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Good collection of vintage scales and weights including two sets of small postage scales, balance scales, hanging scales and numerous weights

A set of British Savage & Co '4lb' brass store scales, circa 1880, the antique patented 'Agate Balance' balance beam scales mounted on a timber stand, stamped Savage & Co., Love Lane, Eastcheap, complete with four graduated weights. Height 69.5 cm. Width 6

Vintage Griffin and Tatlock LTD balance beam scales in glazed case, along with a set of precision weights by Selby's and tin of other loose brass weights

A glazed case set of brass balance scales and weights, 46 cm wide

A large pair of cast iron and brass balance scales, 87 cm high

Set polished brass balance letter scales with five small brass bell weights

Large set 19th century cast iron and polished brass Avery balance beam scales marked W & T Avery Ltd, Birmingham

Large set W & T Avery cast iron and polished brass balance beam scales

A simple 19th century set of gold scales with blacksmith's forged iron stand with brass and copper balance

A cased set of scientific balance scales and weights; early 20th century

An oak cased set of 'stand and balance' miner's gold scales, mid-19th century

A superb set of mahogany cased miner's gold scales with the label of W&T Avery. Quality steel balance and brass pans with approx. 5 weights

A glass cased set of Knowles patent balance scales, with a small cased set of weights; 48 cm high, 49 cm wide, 29 cm deep

A tinsmith made box with a very nicely made set of hand held scales, the mechanism for the 'Knife Edge' balance center is a piece of superior craftsmanship, the case 10x17 cm