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Stirrup cups were for the pre-hunt drink, usually a port or sherry, offered to a member of the hunt mounted on horseback and about to depart for the hunt. As they were held in the hand they did not require a flat base Most of the cups are made of silver, although less expensive ceramic examples were also made, and they are usually in the form of a fox’s head or, more rarely, the head of a stag, greyhound or hare, or in the form of a hoof. Most silver examples date from the early 1700s to mid 19th century. Many stirrup cups survive from the peak period of their production, the late 18th and early 19th centuries, and their popularity as collector’s items has led to their continued production by modern silversmiths.
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A set of six sterling silver stirrup cups, Royal Irish Silver Company, Sheffield 1970, the trumpet shaped cups terminating in realistically modelled as fox heads with mouths partially ajar and textured fur, gilded interiors, 1824.20 gms, 11.5 cm high

Two fine silver stirrup cups, Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co. Ltd, London, 1923, both naturalistically modelled heads, one of a reynard and the other a vixen, the rims engraved Presented to the Earl of Essex from the members of the North Hereford Hunt 1923,

A Russian silver miniature fox head stirrup cup with cabochon garnet eyes, 20th century. 8 cm long, 55 grams

Russian silver stirrup cup Moscow, c. 1899-1908 in the form of a bear's head, with hallmarks and maker's mark 'MA'. Weight 239 grams

A fine pair of Victorian sterling silver Rhyton stirrup cups, William Leuchars, London, 1886 (2). A fine pair of Victorian sterling silver Rhyton stirrup cups, William Leuchars, London, 1886 each formed as winged griffin with green cabochon gem set eyes, t

Russian silver stirrup cup in the form of a hound''s head marked 84 zolotnik, Cyrillic makers mark P.O. Height 12 cm weight 133

A pair of silver stirrup cups, Sheffield 1979. Modelled as retrievers, 12 cm high, 635gms. (2)

Hallmarked sterling silver German fox shaped stirrup cup also stamped 925. Height 14.5 cm. Weight 205g

A vintage European silver stirrup cup, modelled as a horse's head with fine engraved detail, the hinged lid with embossed hound, bird, foliage and scroll decoration, no marks evident. Length 7.5 cm, the hinge requiring minor attention

A rhyton stirrup cup J.S.Hunt, London 1847, formed as a stag's head, the antlers curving back to the mouth of the cup to form a handle, the interior gilt and with an egg and dart border10 cm in diameter. Height 15 cm (weight 405gms)