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Three Tootsietoy Commercial vehicles, including 3760 Logger; Union Carbide Chemicals tanker unboxed; and 669 oil tanker (G-VG boxes G) (3)

Tootsie Toy, 1930s Gyro plane in cream and blue, struts glued and replaced wheel. Length 12 cm together with a Graham Paige sedan possibly repainted. Length 10 cm (2)

Tootsie Toy, 1920s sedans one in original orange (excellent), one in maroon, possibly restored. Length 7 cm (2)

Tootsie Toy Car carrier, die cast Prime Mover with pressed steel articulated trailer for four vehicles in red and yellow in excellent condition. Length 24 cm (2)

25 American 1930s Die cast model Trucks & cars etc, including Tootsietoy, Landtoy, Manoli & Ridgetoy etc. Condition as inspected.

Three Triang ships, including M751 Aircraft carrier; M704 S.S United Statesl M753 hallmarked sterling Albion and two unboxed Tootsie toy boats (VG-M boxes VG) (5)

Tootsietoy (U.S.A.) 469 pumper fire engine (VG box VG)

Tootsietoy Pan America Airport set 6500 American, including Boeing Stratocruiser Airliner, Lockheed Constellation Airliner, 'Corvair 240 Airliner, North American F-86 Sabre', North American Navion, tanker, tractor, two Baggage trailers, steps and two Pan A

Collection of Tootsietoy vehicles, including Trans-America Bus, 3 x petrol tankers and others, unboxed (F-VG) (7)

Tootsietoy Autotransport truck, red cab, tinplate lorry and 3 x Die cast vehicles (VG-E box VG)

Tootsietoy 1032 Buck Rogers Venus Destroyer, American, circa 1930s, white and blue diecast Space Ship with 2 x suspension Pulleys to top, stamped 'Buck Rogers Venus Duo-Destroyer Mk 24 L', with string, in illustrated blue and white box, flaps to 1 x end de

Tootsietoy 589 Coast to Coast van American, red semi truck, silver trailer with removable sliding red roof, embossed lettering to sides 'Tootsietoys Coast to Coast', black tyres, in illustrated red and white box (E box G)

Tootsietoy Freight train set 5550 American, including Pennsylvania loco and 4 x rolling stock, in red, yellow and black box; and a Tootsietoy Midgets set 0510, including 8 x miniature vehicles in colourful illustrated box (E boxes F-G) (2)

Britains Railton new Wonder car, silver body, Paintloss and rubbing, white tyres with Cracking and wear, Chassis loose from body, in maroon Britains box with pencil to top left of lid label; and Tootsietoy 1016 Jumbo Roadster, silver body, white tyres with

Three unboxed pre-war Tootsie toy (USA); a Graham Paige sedan, restored blue and black; a Graham Paige coupe, two-tone brown (E) and an articulated Mack Domaco Gasoline and oils, green and red (G: some touch-ups).

Rare Tootsietoy service station set No. 5710 American, including eight vehicles, set of petrol pumps, ramp and four road signs, in brightly illustrated box

Rare Tootsietoy pan, American Airport set No. 6500 AmeRican, including Boeing Stratocruiser Airliner, Lockheed Constellation Airliner, 'Corvair 240 Airliner, north, American F-86 Sabre, north, American Navion, tanker, tractor, two baggage trailers, steps a

Four diecast models, including a Dinky 280 delivery van, blue, partly overpainted red, missing two tyres; a Dinky 38f Jaguar SS100, red, windscreen missing; and two overpainted Tootsietoy cars (P-F) (4)